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FIFA 23 Best RB Wonderkids: Teenage Spanish RB is a GREAT Career Mode signing

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To build a dynasty on FIFA 23 Career Mode you need elite players. However, not every club has the money to buy top-level talent, and that's why Wonderkids are so important. Investing in Wonderkids is a great way to improve your side in the long term, usually without having to pay a premium price!

Strengthening your defence should be your number one priority. After all, the defence wins championships. Because of that, having an RB that can have an impact on defence and offence is crucial.

So, we decided to make a list which consists of the best FIFA 23 Wonderkid RB in Career Mode. These players will also most likely be among the best Wonderkids in FIFA 24.

Without further ado, let's check out the best FIFA 23 Wonderkids in the RB position.

All ratings taken from sofifa, stats accurate as of Monday, 10 April

FIFA 23 Wonderkid RBs

Right backs can have a huge impact on FIFA 23 Career Mode. They are really good at creating dangerous situations on the attacking side, especially with great crosses, and link-up plays.

However, they are also very important on the defensive side. In most cases, you're RB will have to defend the opposing team's most dangerous player. Because of that, they need to be agile and fast, perform good interceptions, and have a good balance.

All the players in this list are primarily RBs, but they can also play in other positions. But it's in the RB position that they truly shine. All of the players in this article are 19 years old or younger. So, this means you will have the LB position future secured for many years to come.

Arnau Martínez (OVR 76 - POT 85)

Team: Girona

Position: RB, LB

Nation: Spain

Age: 19

Arnau Martínez possesses all the intangibles of a great RB. As mentioned above, RBs need to be fast, agile and have at least decent defensive awareness. With 82 Acceleration, 78 Sprint Speed, 76 Agility, 77 Stamina, and 68 Defensive Awareness, Martínez checks all those boxes.

Because he is so fast, Martínez can recover the ball and use his speed to start a fast counterattack. He can then try a link-up play with one of his teammates, or perform a world-class cross. Sometimes, he can even find himself in a good finishing position.

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In defence, Martínez is very solid, especially in a 1v1 situation. He can recover the ball from his opponents with ease. His 74 Short Passing allows him to get the ball to a teammate quickly, while his 77 Stamina means he will play at a high intensity for almost the entire 90 minutes.

Malo Gusto (OVR 75 - POT 85)

Team: Olympique Lyonnais

Position: RB, LB, RM

Nation: France

Age: 19

Malo Gusto has cemented himself as one of the best RBs in Ligue 1. The 19-year-old Olympique Lyonnais player has an impressive 85 Acceleration and an equally spectacular 88 Sprint Speed. But Gusto isn't only incredibly fast, he is also very strong defensively. With 74 Aggression, 71 Positioning, and 83 Stamina, which provides him with an astonishing endurance capacity, Gusto is the nightmare of every forward.

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However, Gusto doesn't impact the defensive side only, as the French player can get the ball in the box at an elite level, with his 77 Crossing attribute. He also has great balance, ball control, and dribbling, meaning he can be very dangerous in a 1v1 situation. For just €11.5 million, you can acquire one player that will one day be among the best RBs in the world.

Tino Livramento (OVR 74 - POT 84)

Team: Southampton

Position: RB, LB,

Nation: England

Age: 19

Tino Livramento is a very well-rounded RB. The English player has had a very solid season, despite Southampton sitting at the bottom of the Premier League, and relegation seeming almost unavoidable.

Livramento 78 Acceleration and 79 Sprint Speed make him a fast player. That is very useful in attacking situations. When you combine his pace with his dribbling and ball-control ability, you can see that Livramento can cause opponents a lot of headaches. His four stars weak foot makes him even more dangerous near the opponent's box.

He doesn't have the endurance of Malo. But his tactical awareness and 76 Interceptions, mean he is always in the right place a the right time.

Devyne Rensch (OVR 74 - POT 84)

Team: Ajax

Position: RB, LB

Nation: Netherlands

Age: 19

Devyne Rensch can play in the LB and the RB position at an elite level. The 19 years old talented RB plays for European giants Ajax. He is already one of the best RBs and also LBs in the league. With some rigorous training, Rensch can easily become one of the best defenders in Europe.

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Rensch is quite fast, with 76 Acceleration and 77 Sprint Speed. However, what makes him an extremely good RB, it's his defensive ability. He has some great defensive attributes, with 70 Defensive Awareness, 73 Standing Tackle, 73 Sliding Tackle, and 73 Positioning. This means opponents will have a hard when going one on one with him.

His great ball control, and short passing, make him a great player in transition. With Rensch, you can quickly stop the opponents' attack, and launch a fast and dangerous counterattack.

Joseph Scally (OVR 74 - POT 82)

Team: Borussia Mönchengladbach

Position: RB, LB

Nation: United States

Age: 19

Joseph Scally is one of the most promising players in football right now, with the 19 years old American player improving at a very fast pace. He is a very versatile defender, which makes him even more valuable. Scally is fast, having 79 Acceleration and 85 Sprint Speed. For an RB, Scally has stupendous dribbling and ball control, with 71 and 69 in both attributes, respectively.

The American player is also very good defensively, mostly because of his defensive awareness. His 74 Standing Tackle and 72 Tliding tackle, allow him to make crucial interceptions. He only costs €8.5 million and will add plenty of quality to your squad.


The partnership between EA Sports and FIFA is coming to an end, with fans speculating on how that will affect the next instalment of the game. EA Sports FC 24 is expected to be the title of the next edition, and we can expect plenty of changes coming in the licensing department.

FIFA has also already announced they will be creating their own game. The goal is to become the best football game in the industry, which would subsequently dethrone EA Sports.

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