FIFA 23 Career Mode - How to find the BEST youth team prospects

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FIFA 23 Career Mode

As we all know by now, wonderkids are the lifeblood of any FIFA 23 Career Mode save, but these hidden stars aren't always the easiest to get hold of.

Finding them is hard, and signing them can be even harder, but you can of course find your own top talents in your Youth Academy.

Follow these top tips below to discover the very best youth prospects in FIFA 23.

How to find the best young talents in FIFA 23

Wonderkids are already determined when FIFA 23 comes out, but youth team prospects are generated throughout the years.

Every team has a youth academy and this is the place where future stars are made.

You'll need youth team scouts to make the most of this feature, but there's no doubt that a small investment could reap major rewards.

Hire the BEST

When you're looking for the next big thing, you need to be ready to invest.

Hiring the very best youth scout on the market is certain to help increase the chances of you discovering the next Mbappe, with the better scout often determining the better quality of the player.

Whilst hiring a top scout will eat into your transfer budget, it's worth every penny when you realise just how many future stars this simple move can unlock.

Nation by Nation

A hidden fact of FIFA 23 Career Mode also lies in wonderkid scouting.

Often, it's best to correlate the nation of the scout with the nation of the scouting area.

For instance, if you hire a Dutch scout, you're more likely to find the best players available if you send them to Holland.

This tip has never been proven to be 100% true, but we've seen a lot of evidence to suggest it's worth doing.

Of course, scouts can still pick up great players regardless of the nation, but this is certainly a clever tip to help you find the very best that a country has to offer.


Free Agency

If you're struggling to find the next young talents in your youth academy, then the free agent market is the next best place to search.

FIFA 23 Career Mode free agent
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SCOUT THE MARKET - you never know who may come up for free

Found by toggling your search parameters, wonderkid free agents are added to the game at the beginning of every new season, meaning there's always a gem ready to be snatched up.

It may take some time to find the very best, but it's absolutely worth doing in order to add a true star to your club for a bargain price.

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