FIFA 23: New AcceleRATE archetypes will TRANSFORM gameplay

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The FIFA 23 Gameplay Reveal Trailer showcased some exciting new features we will be getting in the upcoming game.

One of the innovations, the AcceleRATE system, could well fix a massive problem with pace that FIFA games have had for many years now.

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Find out about AcceleRATE and how it could improve gameplay in FIFA 23 below.


What is AcceleRATE?

Before we get started on how AcceleRATE could change the game, we'll give a quick rundown of what the new feature actually is.

Coming on next-gen only, it is designed to distinguish between different running styles for players, splitting them into three archetypes depending on how fast they can get off the mark, and how long they can maintain a high speed.

  • Controlled - most players in FIFA 23 will fall into the Controlled type as they accelerate uniformly in a controlled manner.
  • Explosive - these are shorter and more agile players who are able to quickly cover short distances and get ahead of their opponents, even if that means slowing down after the initial burst of acceleration.
    • These players are quicker to start but their acceleration rate slows down.
  • Lengthy - taller and stronger, these players need a bit more time to get going, but are able to catch up to anyone and even surpass them, provided they have enough distance.
    • These players start slower but will thrive over longer distances.

You can check out the new feature in action below:

The Pace Problem


As mentioned, FIFA games often have an issue balancing how pace works, with speedy players usually the most overpowered in-game.

There are several reasons pace can get out of hand, which we have talked about before, including gameplay updates, promo boosts in Ultimate Team, and simply the community having a preference for pacey players.

This AcceleRATE change looks to even the playing field, whilst still showcasing certain players' natural abilities.

Nippy players, predominantly wingers, with the Explosive archetype, will be able to nick the ball past the opposition and create some space to work in; however, they won't always be home and dry, with Lengthy archetype players, primarily defenders, able to catch them over a longer distance when running back to their own goal.

It will also mean that bigger, slower strikers can still provide a threat in behind, if given the chance to get up to speed, such as making a long run from deep.

We can't wait to see how this change feels in-game, as it could be a fix to an issue that has plagued the game for years.

Magic Midfielders


Highlighted in the video at the top, some midfielders will also benefit massively from the AcceleRATE introduction.

The key example they show off is Thiago, who will fall into the Explosive archetype.

He is not associated with great pace, yet the new archetype will showcase his ability to quickly work the ball past an opponent into some space where he can then pick passes better.

In all areas on the field, FIFA fans want to populate their team with pace, which seems to have affected the midfield more than any other position.

Technical midfielders like Thiago and Toni Kroos, who are far from fast, are rarely utilised, despite top-class ability with the ball at their feet.

If AcceleRATE can introduce a larger pool of usable players that will only be good for the game, with more variety in teams.


Machine Men

Yet, it is not all good news, and we have already identified an area where we think the AcceleRATE system could be improved.

As stated in the Pitch Notes, EA said:

AcceleRATE is assigned automatically to players based on a combination of their Height, Agility, and Strength Attributes.

To give you an idea of how the archetypes are automatically assigned, here is how the Explosive category is calculated:

  • Explosive:
    • Agility >= 65
    • (Agility - Strength) >= 15
    • Acceleration >= 70
    • Height <= 180 cm (~ 5’11”)
    • Example player: Vinicius Jr.

While for the most part, this automatic assignation will be fine, there are certain players who won't fit the parameters.

FIFA 23 Mbappe
click to enlarge
DISQUALIFIED - The automatic assignation system could prove too constrictive

Take Kylian Mbappe as an example.


We have seen his explosive pace many times, but, at 6'0", he is automatically disqualified from being included in the category, so will be classed in the Controlled archetype.

Whilst that should mean he will be able to stride away from players better than an Explosive archetype, it doesn't quite capture his play-style.

Then there are other players which will be included or excluded from certain archetypes when they may not actually play that way.

It may have taken more work, but we feel that assigning players AcceleRATE archetypes manually could have been a better option.

Hopefully, the AcceleRATE system comes good and EA decides to expand on it in the future, introducing more archetypes to suit all players.