FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard: Full Squad LEAKED ahead of new promo release

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The next promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team looks set to be called Winter Wildcard, with FUTMAS becoming a thing of the past for EA.

Nothing has been confirmed by EA yet, but there have been plenty of rumblings online over the past week, with potential cards also being leaked.

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The biggest leak of the lot has come, with a full 11 players looking to have been revealed before the event has even been acknowledged by EA.



We've been getting used to more and more leaks recently, with the whole squad for the Versus event known well before release.

It looks to be the same for the Winter Wildcard promo, with a full XI making the rounds on socials, including who the SBC player will be.

The initial thinking was that we were getting a position change promo, but many of the players included have not seen a change.


So, instead, it is thought this could also include the five-star weak-foot/five-star skill-move upgrade for players too.

Zaha has already been touted as gaining that upgrade, which will make him very popular in the FUT community.

However, the most popular card of the promo will surely be Neymar, and with a conversion to a central player, he can be used to make strong links much more easily.

What is the Winter Wildcard event?

The Winter Wildcard promo is a new event that looks to have taken over from FUT Freeze, along with the Versus promo.

Plenty of new special cards will be coming to the game, through packs and daily SBCs.

As with most promos, we can probably expect to see a player or two included in objectives too.


There looks to be some position changing going on, with stats changed accordingly, however, this doesn't seem to be applied to all the players.

For those that don't see a position change, it could be an upgrade to their weak-foot or skill-move rating.

Release Date

With the Versus event coming to an end, it looks like Winter Wildcard will begin on Friday, 17 December.

The promo will likely begin at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, like all other FUT releases, replacing the Versus: Ice cards in packs immediately.