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FIFA 22 Versus Ice Countdown: Adama Traore has found his shooting boots

Team Ice has joined the party in the Versus promo on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

Check out all the boosted cards right here, as you deceide wether to go for the Ice or Fire variant.

Latest - Decisions, decisions

We knew the players that would be included in the Ice team, but now we know where they've been boosted, and we will be deciding which version to go for.

One choice is easy though, with Adama Traore's Ice version having boosted shooting, he is a great choice to go for.

There is also another player pick SBC out, where you can choose between the Ice or Fire variant of Dries Mertens.

Ice squad arriving imminently!

FUT Versus began on Friday, 10 December in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with the release of the Fire squad into packs.

The Ice squad is soon to follow and will be released on Monday, 13 December at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

We can't wait to see what EA has in store for the NEW versions of the Versus cards.

FUT Versus

'What is this new FUT Versus promo' we hear you cry. Well, this is what EA has said on their official FUT 22 page.

"Fire in the belly or ice in the veins? Welcome to FUT Versus in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, where the biggest of rivals clash on the pitch to see who comes out on top. From opposing playing styles to the fiercest match-ups in world football, FUT Versus celebrates the opposing forces in football with special limited-time content in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team."

Big rivalries are the heart and soul of football, so matching promo squads with players from their rival teams sounds like a fantastic idea!

"Ready to play with fire, or want to break the ice? The 11 players in the FUT Versus squad will line up with two contrasting playing styles in FUT 22: Versus Fire and Versus Ice, which give each FUT Versus player two unique permanent upgrades and item designs."

This makes it sound like the same 11 players in the Fire squad will be included as part of the Ice squad, but with different stats. Interesting.

"You’ll also find themed Squad Building Challenges and Objectives in FUT 22 throughout the FUT Versus campaign. From iconic adversaries to derby showdowns, celebrate famous rivalries from football past and present that make the game what it is."

Decisions will need to be made in SBCs as you will have to select an upgrade to either skill moves or weak foot.

SBCs & Objectives

Christian Pulisic gained an SBC with the option to pick a Fire or Ice variant of his card, and another SBC came with the same choice to coincide with the release of the Ice squad.

This time it was Dries Mertens with the SBC, where you will pick between a boost to his shooting or his passing.

Again, we had the same player pick with Tagliafico and Everton objectives, however, more player objectives weren't added with the Ice team release.

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