FIFA 22: What to do in Ultimate Team this week

With many different tasks and game modes, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team can be a tricky place to prioritise your playtime in.

We have you covered, with this weekly look at all the objectives and SBCs, letting you know what to look out for and where to avoid.

Where possible we will also be highlighting how to combine multiple objectives, to streamline your play.

FIFA 22 Roadmap
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CRUNCH TIME - League Players and Icon Swaps objectives are expiring soon


It is that time of the week again for Weekend League players, with rewards available at 2am ET / 7am GMT if you did not complete all your matches.

Remember that there has recently been a change to the number of wins you need to reach certain levels and a change in rewards.

Team of the Week 15 ended 2021 with a bang, and there are plenty of great Red Picks to go for even if you don't hit the top-rated players of Karim Benzema and Romelu Lukaku.

Hakimi, Kessie, Saka, Laporte and Dumfries all featured, plus many more, so there should be a great reward coming your way.

At 1pm ET / 6pm GMT the Milestones objectives to get Winter Wildcards Tokens expire, so if you haven't already completed them it will be a rush to finish them while you can.

Look to complete objectives for Headliners Felipe Anderson, as they expire on Thursday, 6 January.

Another set of objectives that will get you a Winter Wildacrds token is the Team Event, which also expires on Thursday, 6 January, so get that completed for better swaps rewards.


Today is your last chance to bring in Silver Stars Ibrahima Diallo, so make sure you have completed that.

He is an absolutely insane card for his rating, and can have the stats of a 90-rated CDM with the right chemistry style!

With the objectives being able to be completed in less than an hour it's definitely worth doing.

You can then look to focus back on the Headliners player objectives if you haven't yet finished them.

Today is also the final time to bring in Bundesliga League Player Reece Oxford, which you can use this Bundesliga Managerial Masterpiece XI to complete.

As a heads-up, the La Liga League Player Luis Milla expires on Wednesday, 12 January, so find time to complete those objectives using this La Liga Managerial Masterpiece XI when you can.


Team of the Week 16 will arrive on Wednesday, 5 January at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

It could feature a massive star, with Cristiano Ronaldo possibly seeing an inclusion for his goal and assist against Burnley.

A new Silver Stars card will also be released, so get that completed and out of the way so you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week.

The rest of the day, and potentially the week, should be used focussing on completing any outstanding Icon Swaps objectives you have to do, as they expire on Sunday, 9 January.

If you are wary of doing the FUT Champions objectives, where you need to get 13 wins, don't be.

The qualifying matches count towards this total, and Weekend League is the easiest it has been in years, so if you're an average FIFA player getting 13 wins is definitely attainable.


Division Rivals rewards will be released at 3am ET / 8am GMT on Thursday, 6 January.

Aside from that, it will probably be a quiet day for new content, so look to complete those Icon Swaps objectives, before they expire.

The three league objectives, which you complete in the Live FUT Friendly: One League, will be the quickest to complete, especially if your opponent plays to the Golden Goal rule.

For those that may not know, the Golden Goal rule means if your opponent scores, you forfeit the match. This means that objectives can be completed much quicker, and that can only be helpful for all the FUT community!


Weekend League kicks off at 4am ET / 9am GMT, so make sure you've qualified for that if you plan to enter.

Headliners Team 2 should also be released at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, so get ready for another influx of top stars to be included.

That means boosted cards in packs, SBCs and objectives, so there should be plenty of new content to get stuck into.



We cannot stress that enough - get them done!

You can combine multiple objectives using this simple guide, and get them completed in the quickest way possible.


Squad Battle rewards will be available at 3am ET / 8am GMT, and they should be decent if you have been completing the Icon Swaps.

We should also see a Headliners Mini Release, so get ready for more players to enter the player pool.

Live SBCs

There are quite a few Icon cards available at the moment, and we would recommend completing their loan card options, as you can use them infinitely in FUT Friendlies, and they could come in very useful in the future.

To find out all the current Live SBCs, check out our SBC Hub.

Worth completing:

  • Simon Banza - Stats of a 90 OVR ST and will help complete Liga NOS objectives
  • Tahith Chong - Another top player that will help complete Championship objectives
  • Gaetan Laborde - A very underrated card, but a striker that can do it all
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