FIFA 22: What to do in Ultimate Team this week

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There is a lot of content currently out in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, so let us help you streamline your play and get the job done ASAP!

The Black Friday event has seen lots of SBC and Objective content released, adding to the longer Milestones objectives already running in the game.

With this in mind, we have highlighted what objectives you need to complete this week and when to prioritise getting them done.

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UP NEXT - Plan out your week in FUT and make the most of your time

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It is that time of the week again for Weekend League players, with rewards available at 2am ET / 7am GMT if you did not complete all your matches.

We now have four League Players available to unlock in 'Milestones', joining the three different sets of Squad Foundation players.

However, it is the new Signature Signings Ridle Baku that you should focus on unlocking early in the week.

Baku's objectives don't expire until Friday, 3 December, but we are recommending getting at least seven games in early in the week.

The seven games in either Division Rivals or Squad Battles can complete three of the four objectives, with the final one (score in 11 seperate matches using German players) able to be finished off in combination with the Squad Foundations milestones.


If you have already completed the Baku objectives, then keep working through those League Player objectives in the Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece!

Using subs from other leagues can help you reach those longer milestones a little bit quicker, so make the most of your paciest 75 OVR players.

It is also the last chance to add Silver Stars SBC Phil Jones to your club, so don't miss out!


It is the last chance saloon to add Watford's Silver Stars Emmanuel Dennis to your club, and it is 100% worthwhile.

The Nigerian has been altered to a wide left role, and we think this position is better suited to him!

With the right chemistry style (Engine), Dennis has the attributes of an 84 OVR winger. Not bad.


The Silver Stars objectives can be completed in less than an hour, leaving you plenty of time to continue the League Player grind!


Team of the Week day! Team of the Week 11 will arrive on Wednesday, 1 December at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

By now we have unlocked the Baku objectives, so the new Silver Stars card that will be released should take priority.

Again, this can be completed quickly, so moving back to one of the Squad Foundation or League Player sets would be our next move.


Division Rivals rewards will be released at 3am ET / 8am GMT on Thursday, 2 December.

It could be a slow day for content on Thursday, so it could be another day of Managerial Masterpiece and Squad Battles as we look to bulk out our club.


With so many useable cards available in Milestones, the Season Reward Storyline Player Picks require some thought.

Dutch midfielder Marco van Ginkel is our first choice when you hit level 30, as he boasts better stats than his 86 OVR suggests.


Basic chemistry gets you a 90 OVR CM or CAM, Powerhouse a 92 OVR CM, or if you want to go in another direction, Finisher or Marksman a 91 OVR ST!


Weekend League kicks off at 4am ET / 9am GMT, so make sure you've qualified for that if you plan to enter.

We should also see a new promo begin, with a European Team of the Group Stage event a possibility as we approach the Christmas period.


Saturday is all about Weekend League. Unless you haven't entered Weekend League, then your focus can be on whatever promo has just begun!

Pretty much every new promo sees a new objective player released, so keep your eyes peeled.


After that, it will be back to the Squad Foundation players as we look to boost our Squad Battles rank before Sunday.


Squad Battle rewards will be available at 3am ET / 8am GMT, and they should be decent if you have been completing the Squad Foundations.

If you haven't entered Weekend League you can continue to focus on other game modes and we would try to mix things up so they don't get repetitive.

Alternatively, you can bunch your leagues together and unlock a full set this week before doing the same with a new league next weekend.

Live SBCs

Black Friday has seen some great SBC cards released, but the current FUT market just makes some of them overpriced.

Karim Benzema, Giorgio Chiellini, and Gelson Martins have all received SBC cards over the past week, but costing over 100k coins just is not good value in comparison to other players of a similar rating.

To find out all the current Live SBCs, check out our SBC Hub.

Worth completing:

  • Robin Le Normand - 91 OVR with the right chemistry style and costs less than 20k
  • Giovanni Simeone - Although rated 87 OVR has the stats of an 89 OVR striker
  • Simon Banza - Stats of a 90 OVR ST and will help complete Liga NOS objectives