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Player of the Week could refresh Ultimate Team

Excitement is building ahead of FIFA 22, but will we see any changes to Ultimate Team on the new game?

We should see our first glimpse of FIFA 22 during EA Play Live at the E3 event, with a trailer most likely.

However, we would love to see a new 'Player of the Week' introduced alongside Team of the Week (TOTW) to liven up the weekly release.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

We are already looking ahead to FIFA 22, with it set to be the first in the series to be fully optimized for next-gen consoles.

We are expecting the game to arrive in late September, although no official release date has been confirmed yet.

EA has livened up Ultimate Team in recent seasons, and the introduction of co-op on FUT 21 caused great excitement.

We hope that the game does see some improvements on FIFA 22 though, and we have put together a wishlist of seven features we want on FUT 22.

TOTW is stale

"When was the last time you had a TOTW in your starting 11 or came up against one? 99% are completely behind the power curve and are simply fodder/sell straight away."

Reddit user JonnyDavs8 makes a valid point, how many of us actually use the TOTW or FUT Champs picks we get?

alex teixeira fifa 21 ultimate team hero
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STYLISH - Hero cards are rare occurences in TOTW squads

Too many of the squad simply are not good enough to use in competitive game modes, with their only use being to complete SBC challenges.

We are not saying that TOTW should be scrapped but it certainly needs improving, and we think we have the answer.

Player of the Week

Something new is needed for the TOTW releases, and a Player of the Week (POTW) could be the solution.

Let's take an example from the first TOTW squad of the season, an 81-rated Jarrod Bowen.

jarrod bowen fifa 21
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BASIC - Only lightning fast basic cards are ever used in Ultimate Team

After scoring twice against Wolves, Bowen was selected in TOTW 1 and given an 81 OVR, which is okay considering his 77 base rating.

However, is he ever going to be used? No. His value stayed below 20k until January, clearly showing he was not on the high-priority list for right-wingers.

jarrod bowen fifa 21 totw 1
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IN THE SHADOWS - A handy boost but this card is still not good enough

Imagine though that Bowen was gifted a 'Player of the Week' card with double the attribute boost of a regular TOTW card.

This could be applied to one player from each of the major leagues and a Rest of World player too, just to add a bit more excitement to the squad.

jarrod bowen fifa 21 player of the week concept
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STAR MAN - A 'POTW' card would make more players fit the meta

Not only would this provide more useable options for your squad, but would also see some different players added to the meta.

Many FIFA fans have enjoyed the Live FUT Friendlies as it offers the chance to use alternative players, and the introduction of POTW cards could follow that trend.

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