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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Deeper Statistical view would majorly improve FUT Champs

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is serving up a plethora of exciting new content, but that doesn't mean the game mode isn't still lacking in basic elements.

Whilst flashy new promos and exciting cards are the easiest way to Ultimate Team fans' hearts, we want to take a look at a small inclusion - already embedded within Ultimate Team - that could make all the difference to FUT Champs and Division Rivals.

Historical Facts

Football is becoming increasingly reliant on stats and FIFA 22 fans are certain to follow that same trend.

With games like Football Manager 2022 implementing a more in-depth look at data, could FIFA 22 do the same?

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STATS DON'T LIE - FUT Draft already offers an in-depth look at your history

The answer is yes, with more scope for statistical analysis and a basic showcasing of facts and stats from past games something that is sorely missing from FIFA 22.

FUT Draft already offers an in-depth look at your gaming history, with entries, overall record and goals scored all showcased in the online draft section of Ultimate Team.

This small but engaging feature allows players to look back on their playing record, reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses and getting a better understanding of their overall performances in FIFA 22.

Across The Board

Whilst this feature is a neat inclusion to FUT Draft, we can't help but feel that both Division Rivals and FUT Champs could massively benefit from having a similar system embedded into their sectors.

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NOSTAGLIA TRIP - Historical stats could offer an extra layer of immersion to the Weekend League

For example, we'd love to go back and see how many goals we've scored in Divison Rivals, or even look back to our best overall performance in the Weekend League.

The absence of this feature in both FUT Champs and Division Rivals feels like a massive missed opportunity for EA, as it would almost certainly offer a more immersive and individual experience to FIFA 22 players.

Diving Deeper

Whilst we would be grateful to see this feature implemented in any capacity in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, we do think there's even further scope to improve.

Like many FIFA 22 players, we enjoy looking at our player's individual stats: games played, goals scored etc.

A clear and concise view of these stats, integrated within a UI that offers stats from across Ultimate Team's different modes could be a simple way for EA to gain a quick win with fans of the series.

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ONE STEP FURTHER - FIF 22 can go even further with its showcasing of stats

The feature could go further still, offering a look at your best performing player in the Weekend League, or which surprise star scored the most goals in Division Rivals during your FIFA 22 journey.

Overall, we feel this feature is sorely missed from other games modes in FIFA 22 and believe that a simple implementation could be the perfect way to offer players a greater look at their historical successes, and failures.

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