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FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 1: Super CHEAP Silver Brazilian squad to complete objectives

One of the key skills you need to have in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is squad building, whether that is assembling your best team, completing SBCs, or making a competitive team within restrictions.

We've put together a Silver Brazilian squad to help you complete multiple Icon Swaps objectives at once.

We've lined up as a 4-3-2-1, but the side is very flexible and if you want to make a player switch or two could perform well in any formation.

Jordi (OVR 74)

One of two 74-rated goalkeepers available, we think Jordi is the better pick of the two.

If you're looking to save more money this is definitely an area where you can cut costs and go for a cheaper alternative.


  • PlayStation – 5,000 coins
  • Xbox – 4,200 coins

Dodo (OVR 74)

The star of the squad, Dodo was available as a Silver Stars objective and has the base stats of an 81-rated card.

Make sure you get him to join the attack, as he is by far your best player.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Maracas (OVR 73)

Great defensive stats and with a bit of pace about him, Maracas is one of the best centre-back options around.


  • PlayStation – 1,400 coins
  • Xbox – 4,800 coins

Matheus Costa (OVR 68)

Not as defensively capable as Maracas, Matheus Costa gives great pace for a CB.

He also gives a more physical presence at the back, at 6'2" and with 76 Strength.


  • PlayStation – 2,800 coins
  • Xbox – 1,500 coins

Paulinho (OVR 73)

A quick left-back who will also be getting up the pitch, Paulinho isn't the best defensively but can offer some width to the side.


  • PlayStation – 1,300 coins
  • Xbox – 1,800 coins

Fabricio Baiano (OVR 71)

With both full-backs getting forward we've gone for someone who can give a bit more defensive cover.

Fabricio Baiano is a bit of a beast, with 87 PAC and 85 PHY, he will be an enforcer in the centre of the park.


  • PlayStation – 900 coins
  • Xbox – 2,000 coins

Moises (OVR 73)

Moises is a great all-rounder, able to give some defensive cover if needed but also comfortable on the ball and good at creating.

He also has a nice long shot on him, so don't be afraid to take a pop if you find yourself on the edge of the box.


  • PlayStation – 800 coins
  • Xbox – 900 coins

Marcos Junior (OVR 73)

Marcos Junior is the most attacking-minded of the midfield three.

Agile and with a good turn of pace, he can carry the ball into dangerous areas and also be a goal threat with great shooting.


  • PlayStation – 1,200 coins
  • Xbox – 1,000 coins

Guilherme (OVR 74)

Guilherme gives top pace to our narrow front three.

Look to get him running in behind the defence, where he can use his great ball control to give him a bit more time to unleash a shot.


  • PlayStation – 1,400 coins
  • Xbox – 1,500 coins

Muriqui (OVR 73)

There are many choices you can go for as the central attacker, but we've opted for Muriqui, who has great pace, shooting and dribbling.

He can also play provider, so you can use him as a false-9 with others running past him.


  • PlayStation – 800 coins
  • Xbox – 850 coins

Amilton (OVR 71)

Another tight forward with the speed to get in behind, Amilton will be looking to mirror the runs being made on the right.


  • PlayStation – 1,200 coins
  • Xbox – 1,000 coins

Silver Brazilian XI

Check out how the full squad will look below:

fifa 22 silver Brazilian squad
click to enlarge
SOLID SQUAD - There are quality silver players throughout the side

Total cost:

  • PlayStation - 16,800 coins
  • Xbox - 19,550 coins

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