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FIFA 22 Championship Football Foundations: THREATENING three up top

One of the key skills you need to have in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is squad building, whether that is assembling your best team, completing SBCs, or making a competitive team within restrictions.

Squad Foundations objective players have now become available, where you will need to compete in the Live FUT Friendly: Football Foundations mode to complete the requirements.

We have made this cheap Championship/English XI to help you unlock Squad Foundations Laurent, the 86 OVR CDM - just make sure you have already completed the EFL Championship Squad Foundations first!

Football Friendly Requirements

First, let's take a look at the requirements that you need to meet for this game mode:

  • Maximum 78 OVR team rating
  • Minimum 7 players from the same league
  • 0 Bronze players
  • No players rated 89 OVR or higher

Sam Johnstone (OVR 77)

In goal is someone with English and Championship links, Sam Johnstone.

Nice and simple choice, no-frills.


  • PlayStation – 1,400 coins
  • Xbox – 2,000 coins

Ryan Fredericks (OVR 76)

It's four at the back, with English Premiership players occupying the right-hand side.

Ryan Fredericks gives us 91 PAC at right-back, so don't expect to be outrun by many opposition.


  • PlayStation – 2,400 coins
  • Xbox – 3,100 coins

Ezri Konsa (OVR 78)

Ezri Konsa offers decent pace for a centre-back, with 81 Sprint Speed.

He also has decent dribbling and passing, so don't be afraid to play out from the back.


  • PlayStation – 1,100 coins
  • Xbox – 1,500 coins

Ben Davies (OVR 84)

The first of our EFL Championship Squad Foundations objective players, Ben Davies is the joint best defender from the league.

With a Shadow on him, he has that stats of 91 OVR CB.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Max Lowe (OVR 84)

Another objectives player, Max Lowe has the pace and dribbling ability to get up and down the pitch.

He will give great defensive cover too but will be more use getting forward.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (OVR 79)

Another English Prem player on the right of the three in midfield, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is our box-to-box player.

Get him the ball and power up the pitch.


  • PlayStation – 1,900 coins
  • Xbox – 2,100 coins

John Fleck (OVR 75)

Back to the Championship for another player that can operate well between the boxes.

John Fleck can be used as a deep-lying playmaker, and if he gets forward can unleash a long shot.


  • PlayStation – 600 coins
  • Xbox – 1,500 coins

Jefferson Lerma (OVR 75)

Giving defensive cover to the team is Jefferson Lerma.

Get him to break up play and then get the ball forward to more creative players.


  • PlayStation – 1,200 coins
  • Xbox – 1,400 coins

Tom Barkhuizen (OVR 82)

Although slower than his base card, Tom Barkhuizen's 82 OVR Rulebreakers version is better everywhere else.

You will want him cutting in from the wing and getting goals himself, as one of the objectives requires English goalscorers.


  • PlayStation – 11,000 coins
  • Xbox – 10,500 coins

Ivan Cavaleiro (OVR 85)

Ivan Cavaleiro is a powerful runner in the middle and can drift out wide so Barkhuizen can occupy the centre.

He also has 84 Crossing so make use of that if he does get to the wing.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Tahith Chong (OVR 88)

Tahith Chong is an incredible card, so make sure you get his SBC completed.

If you don't want to or can't afford him, then you could play Ben Brereton's TOTW or Harry Wilson's TOTW card instead.


  • PlayStation – 84,500 coins (SBC)
  • Xbox – 86,600 coins (SBC)

One Super-Subs

To get this team in under the 78 overall rating mark, the bench is full of 65 OVR players, to bring the average down - apart from one man.

We've snuck in Marcus Rashford, in case you need another English player to get you some goals.

EFL Championship Football Foundations XI

Check out how the full squad will look below:

fifa 22 efl championship football foundation squad
click to enlarge
THREATENING THREE - It's a scary forward line for this Championship XI


  • PlayStation – 19,600 coins (+84,500 for Chong)
  • Xbox – 22,100 coins (+86,600 for Chong)

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