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7 features we want to see more of in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team will most likely continue to be the most lucrative game mode on FIFA, but will we see any changes on FIFA 22?

While we are expecting changes to be made, there are also plenty of features that we hope continue in the new game.

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Ultimate Team

We are already looking ahead to FIFA 22, with it set to be the first in the series to be fully optimized for next-gen consoles.

We are expecting the game to arrive in late September, although no official release date has been confirmed yet.


This was one of the most exciting new features in FIFA 21 and while EA did not nail it initially, we hope to see more of it next season.


Many of the objectives are now able to complete in co-op mode which was not the case early on.

We would like to see some more co-op options, and potentially even the option to build a 'co-op team' with a friend.

Something like the Rivals or Pro Clubs system solely for co-op would also be a fantastic addition.

FUT Icons

Cast your mind way back to the release of FIFA 21 and the introduction of the FUT 100.

David Beckham's arrival put the ranks up to 101 Icons in FUT 21, and there are sure to be a few more in FIFA 22.

beckham fut icon
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GOLDEN BALLS - Beckham's arrival caused a stir this season

We have already seen some clues as to who could be added too, with Robin van Persie one of our favourites.

Take a look at the nine Icons added to FIFA online.


Icon Swaps

Some of the best content we have seen this season has come in the form of Icon Swaps.

We have loved every aspect of the Icon Swaps from the variety of objectives to the rewards.

icon swaps
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TOP OF THE RANGE - Icon Swaps have been terrific this season

The 'One League' and 'One Nation' objectives have been particular favourites of ours as it has means using players that would otherwise be sat in the club.

EA has got a little lazy with their objectives in the third set of Icon Swaps, but we will let them off after a solid year of Icon Swaps content.


Live FUT Friendlies

More Live FUT Friendlies, please!

The Silver Lounge has been a huge success, Managerial Masterpiece is fantastic (more on that later), and the limited-time game modes have often been superb.

Much like the Icon Swaps, the friendly game modes force us to use different players than competitive modes.

We also love the unwritten Golden Goal rule, so maybe a friendly that is solely Golden Goal would be a hit.

Managerial Masterpiece

As mentioned above, the Managerial Masterpiece was a favourite of ours until a couple of months ago.

Working through various season players and league objectives gave us some unique special cards that if you are a FUT collector, you will have loved!

The Managerial Masterpiece has been neglected in recent weeks and it is now almost impossible to find a game.

This has left some milestones left incomplete, but we hope to see more of this content in FIFA 22.


Preview Packs

One of EA's newest features in FIFA 21 is something we want permanently in FIFA 22.

EA revealed new 'Time-Limited Preview Packs' in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and it looks like a game-changer.

You don't have to worry about the fate of your coins anymore as you can see what you are purchasing.

While EA has said this is for a limited time, don't be surprised to see this continue next season.


Promo Events

We have seen some great new promo events arrive in FIFA 21, and long may that continue.

The likes of the 'What If' promo and Festival of FUTball have gone down brilliantly among the FUT community.

festival of futball
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PATH TO GLORY - The new cards this season have brought plenty of excitement

Dynamic cards are always a hit in Ultimate Team so we hope to see more creativity on EA's behalf.

With these brand-new events proving so popular, fingers crossed for more new events next season.

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