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FIFA 22 Tyler Magloire: New Winter Wildcards SBC for pacey defender

Another Winter Wildcard SBC card has been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Tyler Magloire has been made available to unlock, so check out the card and how to add it to your squad below.

Tyler Magloire (OVR 84)

Start Date: Monday, 20 December

Expiry Date: Monday, 27 December

SBC Requirements

There are two different squads needed to unlock the new card.

The requirements are as follows:


  • Minimum one England player
  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 83 Team Rating
  • Minimum 80 Team Chemistry

1 x Premium Electrum Players Pack

Top Form

  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 70 Team Chemistry

1 x Rare Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Cost – 93.8k (PlayStation) / 97.3k (Xbox)

Worth it?

Tyler Magloire will be an absolute beast to play with in Ultimate Team!

He has the all-important attribute all FUT players are drawn to - pace - and he has that in abundance.

91 PAC on a centre-back can be game-changing, and to make him even harder to pass he also has 91 Strength and 92 Jumping.

At 6'1" he doesn't even have the downside of feeling cumbersome, with 92 Agility and 78 Balance.

Even his work rates are exactly what you would want from a CB, Low/High.

His defending is pretty great, already at 82 DEF, and that can easily be boosted with the right chemistry style, with Sentinel being the most popular, which will give him the stats of a 91-rated player.

There are a couple of issues though.

The first is his league. Playing in the Championship means you're unlikely to get strong links unless you play with other great players from that league, probably made up of the Squad Foundations players.

Being English means you can find great national links, so it depends on how well you can surround him as to whether he makes your starting XI.

His current price is also a bit offputting, just under 100k.

We're pretty sure he would be worth it and will dominate at the back, but it does feel a bit steep for an 84 OVR player.

So we have to weigh up if Magloire will stay in the team for the foreseeable future, which he certainly could as he is unlikely to be paced out of the side.

Some SBCs seem worth it even if you don't see the player staying, as you can always use a higher rated player in future SBCs, however, Magloire doesn't fit that category.

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