FIFA 22 TOTY Warmup Series: New promo commences with FREE 83+ x3 Pack

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Team of the Year is looming over FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but there is still a little while to wait before the main event.

Luckily, the all-new promo called the TOTY Warmup Series has arrived!

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You can keep up to date with all the latest Team of the Year Warmup Series news with our live countdown, bringing you all the latest news and leaks.

Latest - The Warmup Series is here!

The TOTY Warmup Series promo is underway in Ultimate Team!

toty warmup series
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The following content will be arriving during the Warmup Series:

  • Puzzle SBCs
  • Upgrade SBCs
  • Objectives with pack rewards

EA has handed out a FREE 83+ x3 Player Pack to get things started!

What to expect

Amazingly, there have still not been any big leaks for what this promo will entail.

Now, that could mean that it will be very uneventful, but we think not given this Tweet from the reliable Donk.

Players, packs and objectives to complete are just some of the things we can expect over the next few days, and as the Warmup Series is linked with Team of the Year it should be equally massive!


Packs added to the game

For the first time in a while, the new event hasn't seen masses of leaks before release.

In fact, there is still a lot we don't know about the promo, however, this little bit of information could reveal a lot.

New packs being added to the FUT code happens often and usually coincides with an upcoming event.


There is a clear link between all of these packs, and it looks like EA will be offering a lot of rewards to help players get prepared for the Team of the Year.

We think it's likely that these packs will be rewards for completing SBCs, with the 81+ and 83+ possibly being repeatable challenges.

Release Date

As shown on the loading screen, the Warmup Series promo will start on Friday, 14 January at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

We expect the event to run for one week, meaning the Team of the Year promo will follow on Friday, 21 January.

TOTY Confirmed Schedule:

  • Friday, 7 January - Forward Nominees revealed
  • Saturday, 8 January - Midfield Nominees revealed
  • Sunday, 9 January - Defender & Goalkeeper Nominees revealed
  • Monday, 10 January - Voting begins
  • Friday, 14 January - Warmup Series begins
  • Monday, 17 January - Voting closes

Team of the Year

The Team of the Year event is a huge one in the FUT calendar as it will bring heaps of new content to the game.

Not only does the community vote for their Ultimate XI from the past year of football, but there will also be loads of SBCs and Objectives to complete too.

FIFA 22 loading screen TOTY attacker nominees
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BEST OF THE BEST: Fans will vote between these Attackers to join the FIFA 22 TOTY XI

TOTY Flashback and TOTY Moments are just two of the card types we have seen in the past, so we can't wait to see if EA has anything new up their sleeve for FIFA 22.

There could also be TOTY Honourable Mentions again, rewarding those who have narrowly missed out on the final squad.


Warmup Series

As with most promos, the TOTY Warmup Series will likely include plenty of new objectives and a few Squad Building Challenges too!

We think it unlikely that there will be many player cards included, instead, it could focus on offering pack rewards in order to prepare for Team of the Year.

fifa 22 dani alves flashback
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LIVING LEGEND - Alves will go down as one of the best right-backs of all time

If there are player items available to unlock, we could see TOTY Flashback and TOTY Moments cards lead us into the main Team of the Year event.

Any TOTY Honourable Mentions players are extremely unlikely as voting for the TOTY Ultimate XI has not concluded just yet.