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FIFA 22 TOTY: Leaks suggest AC Milan centre back set for HUGE Honourable Mentions card

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The FIFA 22 Team of the Year (TOTY) promo is now in full swing, with Ultimate Team content coming left, right and centre!

The TOTY 12th Man vote is live and the FULL Ultimate XI is set to be released into packs soon.

Yet another special TOTY card has been leaked online so find out which superstar is set to receive a boosted card in Ultimate Team here.

Kjaer Honourable Mentions coming soon?!

The reliable TrutsyFutTrader has brought us yet another Team of the Year leak, with the Honourable Mentions cards now starting to be revealed.

It looks like a certain AC Milan centre-half will be one of the players to receive a special Honourable Mentions card in Ultimate Team this week...

Danish defender Simon Kjaer's outstanding efforts at the Euro 2020 tournament will see him rewarded with an Honourable Mentions card, having just missed out on the official TOTY squad.

There is a high chance that this card arrive will be released as an unlockable SBC or objective player in Ultimate Team, but EA may just release a group of TOTY Honourable Mentions cards into packs.

TOTY Honourable Mentions Simon Kjaer (OVR 91)

Simon Kjaer's 83 OVR FIFA 22 base card is nowhere near usable at the current point in the game cycle and with everybody now having stacked squads.

So, we expect EA to hand the centre-back a GIANT upgrade in order to make him a 'meta' player and one that is desirable to unlock in FUT.

fifa 22 toty honourable mention kjaer
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NATIONAL HERO - Kjaer led Denmark all the way to the semi-final of Euro 2020

Kjaer's boosted version could look something like this 91 OVR card that you can see above, which would no doubt make him popular amongst the FIFA community!

Great pace, defending and physicality stats are to be expected, but a high dribbling attribute with good agility and balance can take a centre-back to the next level.

TOTY Defenders

EA has released the final batch of TOTY cards into packs before the full XI is released, and it's the defenders' turn now!

We already know which players were included, but we can now have a detailed look at the TOTY card's stats.

Joao Cancelo's card instantly stands out, with all base stats above 85, boasting 95 pace, 93 dribbling, 91 passing and 90 defending - you can play the Portuguese international anywhere on the pitch!

Marquinhos is the pick of the bunch from the rest of the defence, with 90 pace, 97 defending and 90 physicality.

Gianluigi Donnarumma's base card is already one of the most overpowered 'keepers in the game, so his 96 OVR Team of the Year version will be insane!

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