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FIFA 22 TOTW 30 Countdown LIVE: Mbappe gains MASSIVE card

Team of the Week (TOTW) 30 has landed FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and it's a big one!

There are quite a few decent cards included, however, the star of the show is a certain man from PSG.

Latest - TOTW 30 is LIVE

It's that time of the week when a new set of cards drops in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and this one includes a special player.

Obviously, Kylian Mbappe is the star of the show, getting a 94 OVR card, with his Headliners card also increasing to 96 OVR.

But his isn't the only card in line for an upgrade.

Nicolo Barella sees his Headliners card become 89 OVR, and Julian Brandt will have an 87-rated one.

Ciro Immobile also gains a big card, with a 90 OVR.

Check out all the latest cards in TOTW 30 right here.

Release Date

The latest TOTW squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team was released on Wednesday, 13 April at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

As ever, the new cards will be available in packs for one week only from when they are released, with some top players set to feature this week.

They will also join the FUT Captains Team 1 players in packs for a limited time only, until they are replaced by Team 2 cards on Friday, 15 April.

Dynamic Cards

Currently, there are two sets of live cards that could be affected by the Team of the Week squad - Ones to Watch and Headliners.

As mentioned, Kylian Mbappe will gain a staggering 96 OVR Headliners one!

Julian Brandt sees his headliners go to 87 OVR, and Nicolo Barella's will got to 89 OVR.

Those aren't the only cards getting upgrades, however, and you can keep track of other live cards by taking a look at our Showdown Series Tracker and Fantasy FUT Tracker.

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