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FIFA 22 Title Update #6.1: Stamford Bridge matches brought into the 21st century

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A second February patch has arrived in FIFA 22 with Title Update #6.1 now available for all platforms.

A follow-up to the recent Title Update #6, Update #6.1 brings with it just a small adjustment to fix one of the more bizarre bugs we have seen this season.

Take a look at the new update and what it aims to fix as it will soon be released for PC users first, and then all other platforms.

Latest news - Console users

The latest update will be available soon for PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia users per the latest announcement on Twitter.

Title Update #6.1 contains just a small adjustment so should not take long to download.

Release Date

Title Update #6.1 was announced by EA in the early hours of Thursday, 24 February.

The update is available for all FIFA 22 fans having initially been released for PC users only.

This new update comes fresh off the back of an extensive Title Update #6 which was released on Tuesday, 15 February.

Read all the Title Update #6 Patch Notes.

Patch Notes

Take a look at the full EA Title Update #6.1 Patch Notes:

Title Update 6.1 will soon be available for the PC (Origin/Steam) version of FIFA 22 and addresses the issue below.
  • Nighttime matches played in the Stamford Bridge stadium did not display correctly.

What's the problem?

Title Update #6.1 brings an end to the old-fashioned black and white matches played at night at Stamford Bridge.

Players encountered an issue where it looks like the floodlights went off, and the cameras used infra-red to highlight the players!

fifa 22 title update 6.1 stamford bridge bug
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HEAT-SEEKING - Good luck picking out a teammate with this view

Obviously, a black and white screen is far from ideal when there is no way to differentiate between the two teams, so this is a much-needed fix.

The bug seemed to only affect Chelsea's home ground, and only at night. Very strange indeed.

You can see more details about the Black Stamford Bridge problem here.

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