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FIFA 22 Season 9 LIVE UPDATES: Release Date, Time, Rewards & more

It's time for the final season in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with Season 9 set to see us out of FUT 22 and into FUT 23.

The current promo, FUT 23 Pre-Season, will continue and be the main event of the new season, letting us prep for the release of FIFA 23!

Keep track of the latest Season 9 news and updates right here as we count down to its release.

Release Date & Time

The official start date of Season 9 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is Thursday, 1 September, bringing an end to Season 8, which has brought us some incredible FUTTIES and Player Moments cards.

The changing of seasons occurred at 3am ET / 8am BST.

EA Play members will receive an XP boost at the start of the season, helping you ease through those early levels.

NO Storyline Player Picks

No new Storyline players have been released during Season 9, just like in FUT 21.

The slots at LVL 15 and LVL 30 have been replaced by new packs, with a Rare Gold Pack available at LVL 15.

At LVL 30, there is a high-rated pack available with Ten 85+ Players available to unlock.

Division Rivals Milestone Rewards

New to FIFA 22 is the Season Milestones Division Rivals rewards. Much like weekly rivals rewards, you will receive your prize once Season 8 has finished, the better your rank in rivals, the better the reward.

Whatever results you've been getting, win, lose or draw, you will have been making progress towards your Seasonal Rewards.

FIFA 22 Griezmann Dance Celebration
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IT'S PARTY TIME - Rewards are on the way!

Division 8 rewards will become available at the same time Season 9 kicks off, so at 3am ET / 8am GMT on Thursday, 1 September.

Find out loads more about Milestone rewards in FIFA 22 here.

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