FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva SBC: How to Unlock in FUT RTTK, Start & Expiry Date

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FIFA 22 continues to bring exciting new additions to Ultimate Team, and Road to the Knockouts isn't done delivering great cards.

The latest addition is Bernardo Silva, and we've got all the details on how to unlock his new RTTK card in FUT 22 before time runs out.

FIFA 22 Bernardo Silva SBC: RTTK Start & Expiry Date

While you'll have to put in some work to unlock Silva, the clock is already ticking as this RTTK SBC lasts for just seven days.

FIFA 22 SBC Bernardo Silva How to Unlock RTTK
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THE CLOCK IS TICKING: You won't have forever to snag this new Silva card

Start Date: Friday, 22 October at 6pm BST

Expiry Date: Friday, 29 October at 6pm BST

The full Road to the Knockouts Team 2 has also been revealed, and we've got more details here on all the exciting new cards coming to Ultimate Team.

Road to the Knockouts Bernardo Silva Player Review

As always, your decision whether or not to go after this new RTTK Bernardo Silva will depend on your own Ultimate Team's needs and whether he's valuable enough to your own scheme.

However, this new version of Silva seems more than worthwhile on paper. His 88 OVR rating is dragged down by low Defending and two low stats in Physicality, but he's a beast everywhere else.

Underneath his upper tier stats, Silva is boasting a 96 in Stamina, 95 in Agility, 93s in Balance and Dribbling, and a 91 in Ball Control.

He's also got 80+ ratings all over his Pace, Shooting, and Passing stat, leaving only his Jumping, Strength, and all the Defending stats lacking.

Even with those weaknesses, RTTK Bernardo Silva is a more than capable option if he's a good fit for your squad.

How to Unlock - RTTK Silva SBC Requirements

If you're hoping to get this new Road to the Knockouts version of Bernardo Silva on your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, there are four squads you'll need to submit.

FIFA 22 SBC Bernardo Silva How to Unlock RTTK
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THE QUARTET: Submit these four squads to unlock Silva

The requirements are as follows:

Road to the Knockouts Challenge

  • Minimum 1 UCL Common or Rare player
  • Minimum Team Rating of 82
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 75
    • Reward: One Small Prime Mixed Player Pack

Tactical Emulation Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Manchester City
  • Minimum 1 player from Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum Team Rating of 83
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70
    • Reward: One Mixed Players Pack

National Duty Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Portugal
  • Minimum 1 player from Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum Team Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 65
    • Reward: One Small Rare Mixed Player Pack

Premier League Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Premier League
  • Minimum Team Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 60
    • Reward: One Premium Mixed players Pack

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