FIFA 22 RTTK: Robertson gets MASSIVE stats boost despite just +1 upgrade

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The Road to the Knockouts was one of the first promo events to arrive in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and the upgrades are now starting to arrive.

Each card can receive a maximum of two upgrades which we will explain below, but something a little strange has happened to Andrew Robertson's card.

Robertson's upgrade has arrived but it is not what we expected, and it is good luck for anyone who already has his card!


Table of Contents

RTTK Upgrades

Not sure how the Road to the Knockout cards work? Don't worry, we have you covered.

Road to the Knockouts items are special upgraded live items in FUT 22 that have the potential to earn two further dynamic upgrades throughout the Group Stage of each tournament:

fifa 22 rttk upgrades
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TWO TIME - There are two opportunities for RTTK cards to be boosted
  1. If their team qualifies for the knockout stages of their current competition.
  1. If their club earns three wins from their four remaining Group Stage matches.

Not quite the same as the Road to the Final cards we have seen in the past, these cards are limited to a maximum of just two upgrades.

Three is the magic number

As explained above, each player will need their club to win three matches from Matchday 3 onwards to receive the first upgrade to their card.

With three matches played since then, seven clubs have won all three of those games, thus earning an upgrade for their respective stars in FUT 22.

German duo Leroy Sane and Timo Werner are arguably the picks of the bunch as both players are already lightning-fast, but Real Madrid's Rodrygo will be more than useful too!

If you know the Champions League, then you will know that three wins in the group stage will put you in good stead to reach the knockouts, meaning a second upgrade for the RTTK cards involved.

Full List of RTTK Upgrades

  • Ryan Gravenberch
  • Rodrygo
  • Arturo Vidal
  • Timo Werner
  • Bernardo Silva
  • Leroy Sane
  • Andrew Robertson

Huge upgrade for Robertson

Liverpool have a perfect record in this season's Champions League, winning all five of their group matches so far against the likes of Atletico Madrid, Milan, and Porto.

Their 2-0 win over Porto secured the third win and an upgrade to Andrew Robertson's RTTK card, but we didn't expect such a hefty boost!

As you can see from the graphic above, Robertson received a huge +4 boost to his Physical and Passing attributes.

There are also +2 upgrades for Pace, Shooting, Dribbling, and Defending stats, so it looks like he has received both his upgrades already, but just a +1 to his overall rating. Very strange.