FIFA 22 Raphael Guerreiro SBC: How to unlock FUT Shapeshifters, Requirements & End Date

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The Shapeshifters promo has taken over from Team of the Season in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, bringing a whole crop of brilliant new players to the game.

Position changes are the main theme of the new event, and that's definitely rung true for this addition.

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Raphael Guerreiro first had his cards leaked, but now we've got confirmation of their arrival in FIFA 22.



Prolific leaker FUTSheriff had taken to Twitter to leak a brand new dual pick SBC set to arrive soon in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and it's now here.

Raphael Guerreiro - a stalwart for Borussia Dortmund - was leaked to have two cards arrive in the Shapeshifters promo.

This SBC is now confirmed and live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with players facing the choice between strong 94 OVR versions at RB or CM.

Raphael Guerreiro (OVR 94)

Start Date: Friday, 24 June at 6pm BST

Expiry Date: Friday, 1 July at 6pm BST


SBC Requirements

You'll need to submit just two squads in order to get your pick of one FUT Shapeshifters Raphaël Guerreiro card.

Portugal Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Portugal
  • Minimum 1 player from TOTS or TOTW
  • Minimum Team Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 65
    • Reward: One Premium Electrum Players Pack

Bundesliga Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Bundesliga
  • Minimum 1 player from TOTS or TOTW
  • Minimum Team Rating of 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 55
    • Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack

After submitting each, you'll be able to choose between a right back or central midfielder version of FUT Shapeshifters Raphaël Guerreiro.

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The Shapeshifters promo was first seen in FIFA 20, although it didn't reappear in FIFA 21, so we already know what sort of mechanics to expect.

As always, the promo players will receive massive boosts, but they will also have their cards transformed, with changes coming to player positions, work rates, weak foot ability, and updated attributes to better suit their new position.

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 1
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TRANSFORMED TALENT - New positions are the order of the day for this promo

A squad will be released into packs, with an objective player or two expected to be made available when the event kicks off, as well as a few SBCs coming throughout the campaign.

Shapeshifters had two squad releases in FIFA 20, so we could see a two-week promo coming again this time.