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FIFA 22: Everything the pros want to see from the upcoming game

We are all looking forward to the release of FIFA 22 later this year, but there are some crucial changes that need to be made.

Don’t just take our word for it though as we have spoken to some of the best FIFA players in the world over the past few months and got their take on where the game can improve.

Take a look at what they had to say below including a former eWorld Champion and the reigning South American champion.

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FIFA 22 is still months away from release, so we do not have an official release date just yet.

FIFA 21 was slightly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this should not impact this year’s release date.

Judging by previous editions of the game, we are expecting FIFA 22 to be released in late September, potentially Friday, 24 September.

Before the release though, what do the pros want changed in the new game?


Fast and furious

This is a tricky one and it always has been on FIFA, how do you stop pace being the only important attribute.

Yes, obviously having good all-round stats is important, but without pace, you will not only struggle to score goals, but also to keep them out too.

Having spoken to us previously, Scottish international FIFA player Marc "MarcMarleyyy" Marley said “pace is the biggest one (attribute) this year, definitely more than last year.

“The meta is to put a full-back at centre-back, so Reece James, Wan-Bissaka, Luke Shaw, there’s so many.

van dijk fifa 21
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OLD SCHOOL - van Dijk is barely useable on FIFA 21

“They will usually have more agility than out-and-out centre-backs as well, but yeah pace this year because the through balls are ridiculous and you'll get destroyed if you don't have pace at the back.”


With pace so crucial in the game it limits the player pool that you can successfully use both online and offline, which can create monotony when you face the same team every game.

Centre-backs are almost pointless with so few commonly used in competitive online game modes, while mobile midfielders and rapid forwards are the order of the day up top.

Classy midfielders from years gone by such as Barcelona duo Xavi and Andres Iniesta are overlooked in favour of more athletic stars like Atletico Madrid’s Marcos Llorente.

Like a hot knife through butter

Anyone who plays FIFA 21 regularly, and particularly Ultimate Team, will know that through balls are a nightmare to defend against.

You don’t have to pick apart the opposition with clever movement or intricate passing to create space, it can be as easy as one through ball from almost anywhere on the pitch.

“Through balls are a very effective way of attacking and getting in 1v1’s,” Mosaad "MsDossary" Aldossary (former FIFA eWorld Champion) said, echoing the comments made by Marley.

The effectiveness of through balls is part of the reason why everyone must have pacey and agile defenders.

mbappe neymar fifa 21
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OFF THE SHOULDER - Mbappe is the best recipient of through balls

For the FIFA fans who are also football purists like Reddit user DynamyttKidd, the direct, counterattacking, pace abuse-fest that we have seen this year has been incredibly frustrating.


Even the pros have acknowledged how futile the midfield is on FIFA 21.

“FIFA 21 is a bit complicated because it changed completely in the last 2 years, because it may punish you for having a lot of possession,” eLibertadores champion Pedro "Resende" Resende explained.

“With the latest updates, that changed a bit, but we still feel that, so this FIFA is very attacking, you have to take more chances and more risk instead of managing the ball.

“That hurt me a bit in the beginning because my style of play is around thinking about creating some play.”

Level the field

The skill moves in FUT 21 seem to be more crucial than ever before, and this is something that needs addressing by the time FIFA 22 rolls around.

Ultimate Team is not FIFA Street, and EA currently has VOLTA Football where you can show off the silkiest of skills.

However, in competitive Ultimate Team modes, skill moves have been for too ‘OP’ this season.

Certain skill moves are so frequent in the game because they are almost impossible to stop, with the ‘cancel’ skill moves particularly unpopular among disgruntled FUT fans.

sterling fifa 21
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TRICKSTER - It is skill moves or bust in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Something that has popped up several times on community forums is changing the way weak foot and skill move ratings are done.


Why not have them as a rating like everything else? Players do not execute tricks perfectly every time in real life, so why should they in FIFA?

Having a proper rating for skill moves may make them a little more unpredictable, less successful, and dare I say it, more realistic!

Right place, right time

Arguably the biggest fix, and something that almost all the pros we spoke to mentioned, is the AI blocks.

The AI defenders become block merchants anywhere around the box, and it is nothing to do with the skill level of either player.

“Everyone knows the AI is really good this year, so if you're a weekend player you've probably experienced that in 99% of your games the AI bails people out,” said Marley.

marquinhos haaland fifa 21
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DON'T DIVE IN - Leave your AI defenders in place and they will do the rest

There are ways around the AI blocks of course, but they have been the bane of many players’ lives this season.

"There's a lot of AI blocks in FIFA so if you rush your shot, it's just going to get blocked - I highly recommend just staying calm, and wait for the right opportunity,” said Lisa "NFG_Lisa" Manley who shared her tips on how to finish your chances with us.

The general consensus among the FUT community is the AI blocks need turning down a bit, and we tend to agree!

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