28 Sep 2021 5:32 PM +00:00

FIFA 22 Ones to Watch: Another PSG player confirmed as OTW

After the ratings came out, we were excited to get on the game.

Now we can play FIFA 22 thanks to Early Access, we're excited about what's coming next.

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The first promo event on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, like last year, will be Ones to Watch.


New OTW upgrade system

Ones to Watch cards are returning to Ultimate Team once again, but this time with an added twist.

Players that have moved club over the summer will be eligible to get a OTW card, but not all movers will become one.

OTW cards can upgrade with real life form.

EA explains it like this:

"As players show off their skills on the pitch for their new club, their Ones To Watch item will upgrade when they receive a performance-based in-form item such as Team of the Week and Man of the Match.
"New in FUT 22, OTW items will also be eligible for a ‘Wins to Watch’ upgrade, a one-time +1 In-Form boost if a team wins five matches out of their next ten domestic league games starting from October 1!"

PSG dominate OTW event

It was only a matter of time before we saw it, but now Sergio Ramos has joined his PSG clubmates with a Ones to Watch card.


We had already seen Messi, Hakimi and Wijnaldun confirmed as Ones to Watch following their moves to PSG, and Ramos sees the same treatment.

We could see a lot of squads made up of these players, as PSG plan to regain domination of Ligue 1 and get their hands on the Champions League for the first time.


Potential best defender?

This year we haven't seen any defenders rated in the 90s OVR.

Virgil van Dijk is top with 89 OVR, closely followed by Sergio Ramos on 88 OVR.

Could Ramos become the first (non-Icon) player to conquer 90?

He already has some of the best defensive stats in the game, physicality to match, and is super on the ball.

He could quite easily be used as a CDM.

Last year we saw Ramos given an End of an Era card that showcased his abilities all over the pitch, with his base card stacked in most places you wouldn't expect from a defender.

He will be a popular pick, and linking him up with Marquinhos and Hakimi could prove devastating.