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FIFA 22 Toni Kroos SBC: German maestro receives MAJOR boost

The FUTTIES promo continues in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with a five-week celebration showcasing the best of the best.

With massive boosts to fan favourites and 'Best Of' re-releases, you can be sure that a number of exciting stars will be dropping over the next few weeks.

Real Madrid maestro Toni Kroos is the latest star to gain a FUTTIES card and you can check out his stats and how to unlock him below.

Toni Kroos (OVR 95)

Start Date: Saturday, 6 August

End Date: Saturday, 13 August

SBC Requirements

You'll need to complete three squads in order to obtain this Kroos card:

Real Madrid

  • Minimum 1 player from Real Madrid
  • Minimum Team Rating: 83
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 70


  • Minimum 1 player from Germany
  • Minimum Team Rating: 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 65

La Liga Santander

  • Minimum 1 player from Real Madrid
  • Minimum Team Rating: 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 60

What is FUTTIES?

FUTTIES is a regular promo that was first seen in FIFA 15 and has returned nearly every year since.

It is usually the last event of the current FIFA cycle and has a few different aspects to it, all looking at the 'Best Of' and most popular cards from the season gone by.

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UNREAL TALENT - The 'Best Of' re-releases will be the highlight of the promo

FUTTIES Player Pick Fan Votes will give you the choice to vote for what player gets a boosted FUTTIES Winner item via SBC, while also bringing loan versions of players into your club.

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