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FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 Set 2: Combine multiple objectives with this simple guide

Icon Swaps 2 Set 2 has landed in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, bringing with it more objectives to gain more Icon Swaps Tokens so you can get the biggest rewards!

If you want to complete the objectives in record time, then combining multiple requirements to speed up your play is the way to go.

Find out all the squad combinations to do so below, as well as suggested XI's to use to give you the best chance against the computer.

What are Icon Swaps?

First off, let's give a quick rundown of what the Icon Swaps are and why you need to complete them.

By completing these Icon Swaps objectives you will gain the reward of a card that acts as a token.

If you check the Squad Building Challenges hub, you will notice there are new Icon Swaps SBCs in there, where you redeem your tokens to gain rewards.

These rewards vary from packs full of higher-rated players, packs containing random Icon cards or Icon picks, or just a straight swap for a specific Icon.

These objectives let you bring in some of the best cards in the game, without having to spend masses of coins to do so, and rewards players completing objectives, not just competing against each other.

Icon Swaps Leagues

Unfortunately, you cannot combine any of the objectives for the Icon Swaps LaLiga, Icon Swaps Bundesliga, or Icon Swaps PL objectives.

This is because you need to play in the Live FUT Friendly: One League, which doesn't even let you include additional leagues on the bench.

With many more people playing to the Golden Goal rule now Icon Swaps are out, you should be able to complete these objectives with minimum fuss.

Icon Swaps Combination Squads

With both sets of objectives during Icon Swaps 1, EA was crafty with their selection, with only three ways to complete the objectives, which meant playing a minimum of 18 Squad Battles matches.

For Icon Swaps 2 Set 1 you could do it in just 12 Squad Battles games, however, EA has reverted back to the 18 matches once again, by including three separate leagues in the objectives.

So long as one of your teams is also made up of 11 First Owned players, the combinations are:

  • Silver/Eredivise + Liga Portugal + EFL Championship
  • Silver/Liga Portugal + Eredivisie + EFL Championship
  • Silver/EFL Championship + Eredivisie + Liga Portugal
FIFA 22 Silver Championship XI
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COMBO TIME - Look to combine multiple objectives to complete tasks quicker

For us, there is one combo that is clearly better than the others, which would see you use a Silver/EFL Championship squad.

This is because there have been quite a few special Championship players released as Silver Stars and during the Silver Stars Series, meaning you can use players with greater attributes than their 74 OVR suggests.

This means you will need to use either an Eredivisie or Liga Portugal side with 11 First Owned players, which should be easy enough given previous League Foundation objectives and Milestones rewards that have offered boosted players from each of the leagues.

Then it's up to you to win 13 FUT Champions matches in as little time as possible!

Squad Suggestions

To help you out even further, here are some squad suggestions that you can use to take the computer on in Squad Battles:

We wish you the best of luck!

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