FIFA 22 FUT Champs revamp incoming with an overhauled stat analysis system

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It seems that yet more massive FUT Champs changes are on their way in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

So, check out everything you need to know about the overhauled Weekend League system below.

FUT Champs stat analysis & match replays

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has reported that some massive changes are coming to FIFA 22's Weekend League!

There will reportedly be a new Weekend League stat analysis system, where you can check your clean sheets, goals scored and goals conceded, along with your win/loss ratio.

You will also be able to watch and analyse your own match replays in the FUT Champs channel section!

Being able to watch your own games back would be very popular amongst fans, as in FIFAs gone by, players were only able to watch TOP 200 match replays - which isn't that exciting unless you're in them...

Match replays will also allow players to improve their play styles by seeing what they did wrong in the previous games.

It must be noted that these are just leaks at the moment and have not yet been officially confirmed by EA, despite FUTZone being reliable when it comes to FIFA 22 news.

FUT Champs set to be 20 games instead of 30

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has revealed that Weekend League will be getting another huge change in FIFA 22!

According to leaks, FUT Champs will be made up of 20 games in FIFA 22, rather than 30.

The information has come from the reliable @denisfut_trade.

This news is hardly surprising, with many avid FIFA players complaining that they were no longer enjoying the 30 game slog in FIFA 21 Weekend League.

In many cases, players would not even complete the 30 games, with some stopping at 17 or 20 wins every weekend.

So, the change to a 20 game Weekend League could see many players return and enjoy the competitive gameplay once more!


How to Qualify for Weekend League in FUT 22

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has also leaked some information on how the new qualifying system will work for the Weekend League in FIFA 22.

According to FUTZone, the new system to qualify for the Weekend League will be similar to Daily Knockout Tournaments.

You will only be able to afford to lose a certain number of games while having to win a certain number of games to qualify.

Furthermore, in order to achieve balance and fairness, qualifying matches for the Weekend League will be Skill Based, depending on your record in Divisions.