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FIFA 22 will look more like football than ever before

The official gameplay reveal for EA Sports' FIFA 22 has just arrived!

It looks like FIFA 22 will be the most realistic football game we have ever seen, with Hypermotion Technology at the forefront of what EA is trying to achieve.

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So, check out why FIFA 22 will look more like football than ever before below.

FIFA 22 will look more like football than ever before

Thanks to the new Hypermotion Technology, FIFA 22 is set to be the most realistic football game ever.

fifa 22 mbappe
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REALISM - Machine learning technology will revolutionise FIFA realism

The technology perfectly captures and translates player movements into FIFA.


Players in real life often adjust their cadence, look at the ball and position their bodies in order to be in the perfect position relative to the ball, which is what we will see with the new machine learning technology.

So, for example, the short steps a player takes in order to get into the correct position to strike the ball will now be in FIFA 22.

This makes the game look and feel more like football and provides more fluid looking movements in-game.

All new player animations

The data captured from the advanced 11 v 11 motion capture shoot, resulted in the addition of 4,000 new player animations in FIFA 22!

fifa 22 alexander arnold liverpool
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CELEBRATIONS CAPTURED - Loads new player animations will be in FIFA 22

This is three times more player animations than were added in FIFA 21, and will provide a massive improvement in player motion.


During the FIFA 22 gameplay reveal, one of the panellists went on to say "the game just looks more like football than ever before...players really feel like professional footballers in the game now!"

Football behaviours that we don't usually see with regular motion capture, including onfield arguments, pointing, directing and gestures, will now be in FIFA 22.

This provides a more authentic version of the game.

Machine learning technology

The use of machine learning technology on Next-Gen consoles has allowed for the addition of some awesome new features.

fifa 22 ac milan chelsea hernandez kante
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PERFECT PLAYER MOTION - Players will look more realistic when on the ball

FIFA 22 will see a more advanced tactical AI, along with six times more decisions that a player could make than ever before.


There will also be more custom tactics available, although we do not have more details on this yet.

'Kinetic air battles' will also be introduced, along with two-player interaction technology, which will help in making the visual aspect of the game look much cleaner and more realistic.

For example, when players naturally collide on the field it will look natural as if it were real life.

Players will also look more natural in taking the first touch and transitioning into the second.

All of these new features will come together and provide a whole new level of realism - and we can't wait!