FIFA 22 FUTTIES: BRAND NEW card type called Premium FUTTIES leaked

The Shapeshifters promo is drawing to a close in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with Team 4 the last of the event.

The FUTTIES promo is set to be up next, which will bring us loads of fan-favourite and 'Best Of' players from the FUT 22 campaign, with a new card type also leaked to make the event even better!

Find out all you need to know about the new Premium FUTTIES card type right here.

Fantastic Formula

The FUTTIES promo will be landing soon in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and, according to prolific leaker Fut Sheriff, it is set to bring a new card type to the game.

A Premium FUTTIES card is apparently coming during the event, which will work in a similar way to FUT Heroes cards in regards to chemistry.

That means a Premium FUTTIES card will green link to another player that shares the same league as itself.

We're not sure what players will qualify for a Premium FUTTIES card, but Sheriff goes on to say that they will be available via SBCs and objectives.

Fan votes play a big role in the FUTTIES promo, with the community selecting players they want to see gain an upgraded card.

In the past this has been called a FUTTIES Winners item, so the Premium FUTTIES card could potentially be replacing that, in order to make the releases even more powerful.


FUTTIES is a regular promo that was first seen in FIFA 15 and has returned nearly every year since.

It is usually the last event of the current FIFA cycle and has a few different aspects to it, all looking at the 'Best Of' and most popular cards from the season gone by.

FUTTIES Player Pick Fan Votes will give you the choice to vote for what player gets a boosted FUTTIES Winner item via SBC, while also bringing loan versions of players into your club.

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UNREAL TALENT - The 'Best Of' re-releases will be the highlight of the promo

The FUTTIES Derby Day Team Event will work in a similar way, with a player pick coming via the Team Event in objectives, and whatever player gains the most XP before the Team Event concludes will receive an upgraded version via objectives.

FUTTIES Favourites will be released each weekend of the campaign, themed around a specific month and popular FUT player from that period, with items coming via SBC and objectives.

Finally, there will be the 'Best Of' Re-Releases, where some of the top players from FIFA 22 will be added to packs, spread across a few drops.

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