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FIFA 22: FUT fans "disgusted" by traders following tragic death of Ahmet Calik

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Some sad news has arrived in the footballing world this morning as Turkey international and Konyaspor defender Ahmet Calik has died in a car crash at the age of 27.

Calik made eight appearances for his country, scoring his only goal in a 3-1 win over Moldova.

Both Konyaspor and his former club Galatasaray have paid tribute to the immensely popular centre-back.


In times like this when the footballing world is in shock, grace and compassion are expected from all involved in our beautiful game.

However, certain traders in FIFA Ultimate Team are once again attempting to profit from the death of a footballer.

Calik's price has rocketed up towards 10k in FIFA 22 since the news broke, and the response from the FUT community has been one of disappointment, but not surprise.

One user posted "not the first time this has happened either, disgusting really."

Another user reflected back on events over the summer when Denmark star Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during a match at Euro 2021.

"Same thing happened with Eriksen, people speculating that if he died, his price would go up...that made me even more sick."

Price Ranges

Thank goodness for price rangers, otherwise, there would be no limit to the prices of players in situations like this.

Calik will have a maximum price of 10,000 coins, but even that is roughly 9,000 coins higher than you would expect a card of similar ratings to cost.

It is a sad time for all involved, made worse by certain factions of the FUT community attempting to profit from the tragedy.

Any profiteering from such events should be prevented as quickly as possible, but how can this happen?

What more can EA do?

It is difficult to say what EA can do to help prevent these situations from happening as traders will react much quicker than EA can.

Price freezes could be introduced, although the prices rise so quickly EA would have to act instantly which is nigh on impossible.

Perhaps any dramatic increase to an individual player's price should trigger an automatic price freeze, to which EA can then react accordingly.

fifa maradona
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GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - A similar situation arose after the tragic death of Maradona

Smaller price ranges could also work, limiting the profit traders can make on cards of lesser value.

EA has shown that they can add and remove cards from clubs, so that could be another route they go down.

Replacing all available Calik cards with untradeable ones would certainly prevent any sort of profiteering.

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