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FIFA 22 FUT Family Feud: More footballing family members could receive SBC cards soon

EA introduced a revolutionary SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team this week, the like of which we have ever seen before.

The idea of family members getting special cards and maybe links in FUT has been merely a dream for fans of the game for several years, but it is now a reality and we could see more of the same arrive soon.

Like Father, Like Son

A Prime Icon Gheorghe Hagi was been made available to unlock, with his son, a Future Stars Ianis Hagi version, also coming as part of the deal.

Now whilst Hagi is not the most exciting Icon, the great thing about this is you don't have to do complete the whole Gheorghe Hagi SBC if you don't want to.

If you want to add Future Stars Ianis Hagi to your club, all you have to do is complete the 'Like Father, Like Son' squad which is one segment of the whole Icon SBC.

These two cards are only available to unlock for a limited time only and expire on Saturday, 5 March, so find out how you can unlock them here.

More to come?

The Hagi SBC has opened the door to the possibility of more family SBCs arriving in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

We could even see a special family promo in Ultimate Team at some point, which boosts certain footballing relatives' stats and gives them links to each other.

The possibilities are endless, so take a look at a few concepts that we've mocked up below.

Brilliant Brothers

Whilst it might sound crazy, Spanish centre-mid Thiago Alcantara and Brazilian baller Rafinha are actually brothers.

With the brothers representing different nations, Thiago currently playing for Liverpool in the Premier League and Rafinha currently playing for Real Sociedad in La Liga, there is no way for the two to link in Ultimate Team.

fut 22 rafinha thiago alcatara brothers
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BROTHERLY BOND - Imagine if these two could link to each other in Ultimate Team

This seems ridiculous, given they probably have one of the best relationships in the footballing world.

So, perhaps EA could release special boosted SBC cards for both of them, which allows the two to get a perfect link to each other in Ultimate Team.

Lethal Lukakus

Another, more well-known pair of footballing brothers is the Lukakus.

Of course, Romelu Lukaku is one of the most famous players in the world, but his brother, Jordan has been playing professionally for years, with clubs like Juventus and AC Milan.

fifa 22 lukaku brothers
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BELGIAN BEASTS - These two cards would be frightening in FUT 22

So, we could see EA hand the Belgian brothers a group SBC, whilst bumping Jordan's stats up massively in order to make him usable at the current power curve.

Once again, a perfect link between the two Lukaku's is an awesome concept and we think it would be very popular amongst the community.

Maldini Madness

As is the case with Gheorghe Hagi, Paolo Maldini's son has followed in his footsteps and is now a professional football player for AC Milan and has a 59 OVR card in FIFA 22.

fifa 22 maldini future stars
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BIG BOOTS TO FILL - The Maldini name comes with a reputation

Unfortunately, EA has already released a Mid Paolo Maldini SBC in Ultimate Team this year, so we won't see this card released as part of that.

However, a Maldini Future Stars card would bring yet another usable father-son partnership into the game which is very cool if you ask us.

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