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FIFA 22 FUT Captains Team 2: AWESOME upgrade leaked for Abedi Pele

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The FUT Captains promo has brought some truly amazing cards to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Team 1 is currently available in packs, and we're already seeing Team 2 leaks making the rounds.

The latest FUT Heroes card to be upgraded has just been leaked, and it could be the best one yet!

Not THAT Pele

The ever-reliable Fut Sheriff is at it again, this time bringing us a leak for what looks to be a very special card.

Abedi Pele was already one of the best FUT Heroes cards released, seeing lots of play late into the game cycle, so it makes sense that his FUT Hero Captain card would be equally good.

The stats revealed look insane, with 96 PAC, 90 SHO, 93 PAS and 96 DRI making him so meta and likely to be deadly in the final third.

His Ligue 1 links will help him make strong connections to some of the best cards in the game, making for a frightening prospect with Team of the Season just around the corner.

FUT Captains

It turned out that TrustyFutTrader wasn't so trustworthy when they announced that FUT Captains would be the next promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on Thursday, 10 February.

Despite the time frame being wrong, the promo has now landed, using the same concept of selecting players who captained their club or country.

New variants of the FUT Heroes have been introduced with insane upgrades, with present-day captains also featuring in the event.

As well as the squads being released into packs the regular objective player was also made available, with daily SBCs coming for Icons as well!

FUT Captains landed on Friday, 8 April, at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST, with Team 1 joining packs.

The promo is set to run for two weeks, with Team 2 coming on Friday, 15 April, again at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

It is set to be the last major promo before we start the run in for Team of the Season on Friday, 22 April, with the main event leaked to kick off on Friday, 29 April.

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