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FIFA 22 FUT Captains Predictions: Two new card types coming soon

The FUT Captains promo is pending, with reliable sources saying that it will be the next promo event in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

As it will be a brand-new event we are not entirely sure what to expect, but we can't wait to see what EA has in store for us.

With the usual selection of SBCs, Objectives, and promo packs, you won't want to miss this one.

Latest - Leaks galore

The FUT Captains event is inbound, and we have already seen plenty of leaks ahead of the release.

So far, the squad of current players looks stacked, although we are yet to see any leaks for potential FUT Heroes.

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FUT Captains

With very limited information on the FUT Captains promo, we are expecting the 'captain' factor to play a part.

Whether this is a way of distinguishing which players will be included we are not sure, but it seems to be a well-educated guess!

One thing we are certain of is that the existing FUT Heroes will receive healthy upgrades to bring them in line with the current power curve in FUT 22.

We would love to see some new heroes added too, but we may be asking for a bit too much there.

Release Date

The Fantasy FUT promo is currently ongoing in FUT 22, which will end on Friday, 1 April.

This means that ‘FUT Captains’ could replace the event as the next promo at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the same day, exactly six weeks after it was first leaked for release.

As a brand-new event in Ultimate Team, we are not sure what to expect, but it looks like it could be a one-week event.

The 'What If' promo is also expected to come soon, so the schedule is looking very busy in the FUT 22 calendar!


The FUT Heroes have fallen a bit flat, with only David Ginola regularly used by FUT players.

Hopefully, the FUT Captains promo will breathe new life into these cards and we can add them to our squads.

David Ginola

fifa 22 fut captains predictions ginola
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MAIN EVENT - Everyone will be waiting to see what Ginola will be rated

David Ginola is by far the most popular of the FUT Heroes, so unsurprisingly we want to see him in the game.

Will we see a league change to the Premier League or a position change? These are both additions to Ginola that could make him phenomenal.

Antonio Di Natale

fifa 22 fut captains predictions di natale
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POACHER - Di Natale is one of the most clinical strikers Serie A has ever seen

One of FUT 22's most popular FUT Heroes, Antonio Di Natale is a goal-scoring legend.

He even had his day in Ultimate Team way back in the early editions, so we would love to see him tearing it up in Weekend League more often.

Abedi Pele

fifa 22 fut captains predictions pele
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GOLDEN BOY - Pele is awesome in FUT with his pace and dribbling

With Ligue 1 the popular league right now, Ghanaian hero Abedi Pele would also be a mega addition to the event.

The father of Andre and Jordan Ayew, Pele captained Ghana between 1992-1998, making him eligible for a FUT Captains upgrade.

Diego Milito

fifa 22 fut captains predictions milito
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TRANSFER RUMOUR - Milito could make the switch to La Liga

If you can cast your mind back to when the leaks first began around the FUT Captains event, you may remember Diego Milito mentioned.

Rumour has it he will receive a league change to commemorate his time at Real Zaragoza, a win for La Liga

Tim Cahill

fifa 22 fut captains predictions cahill
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BOX TO BOX - Cahill was an all-action midfielder in his early Everton days

One player we want to see involved is Australian legend Tim Cahill as he captained his country on nine occasions.

As one of the Premier League Heroes available in the game, a boosted Cahill could be a fun new option to use for your club.

'Captains' confirmed

Well, it looks as though the FUT Captains promo is finally coming, and with a new card type!

Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has been leaked ahead of the big release, leading us to believe that more current captains will be involved.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson is also said to be included, but we will have to wait and see.

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