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FIFA 22 FUT Captains LIVE Countdown: FUT Heroes will get BIG upgrades soon

Fantasy FUT is drawing to an end in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with no official confirmation from EA as to what the next promo will be.

However, a reliable leaker has suggested the previously mentioned FUT Captains event will follow Fantasy FUT, and we can't wait.

Keep it here to stay up to date with all the latest news surrounding the FUT Captains promo, and find out everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Release Date

The Fantasy FUT promo is currently ongoing in FUT 22, which will end on Friday, 1 April.

This means that ‘FUT Captains’ could replace the event as the next promo at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the same day, exactly six weeks after it was first leaked for release.

As a brand-new event in Ultimate Team, we are not sure what to expect, but it looks like it could be a one-week event.

The 'What If' promo is also expected to come soon, so the schedule is looking very busy in the FUT 22 calendar!

FUT Captains

TrustyFutTrader didn't prove trustworthy when they announced that FUT Captains would be the next promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on Thursday, 10 February, however, the concept still looks to be coming.

Being a totally new promo we don't know what to expect, but it is touted to revolve around the FUT Heroes cards.

One idea was that Heroes cards that had captained their teams would get an upgraded version, which would fall in line with the current power curve.

The promo never materialised, yet it now looks to have regained new life, with reliable leaker Fut Sheriff announcing that a new card rarity has been added to the game.

That suggests to us that instead of the current cards getting boosted, new versions of them will be added to packs.

Sheriff went on to say that new SBCs and a new friendly mode will also come during the event, leading us to think that a FUT Heroes card could be made available via objectives.

With nothing really known about the event, we can't wait to see what EA has in store for us!


Most of the FUT Heroes cards are now unusable in-game, not matching the meta and having slipped behind the power curve.

Plenty of the current crop of FUT Heroes captained the teams they played for, so EA has lots of options for upgrading only those cards if they so choose.

David Ginola

fifa 22 fut captains predictions ginola
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MAIN EVENT - Everyone will be waiting to see what Ginola will be rated

David Ginola is by far the most popular of the FUT Heroes, so unsurprisingly we want to see him in the game.

Will we see a league change to the Premier League or a position change? These are both additions to Ginola that could make him phenomenal.

Diego Milito

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TRANSFER RUMOUR - Milito could make the switch to La Liga

If you can cast your mind back to when the leaks first began around the FUT Captains event, you may remember Diego Milito mentioned.

Rumour has it he will receive a league change to commemorate his time at Real Zaragoza, a win for La Liga.

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