FIFA 22 EA Play Trial: How to maximise the 10-hour trial

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The full launch of FIFA 22 is not until Friday, 1 October, but you can get in the game early with the EA Play Trial.

Costing just 79p for a one-month subscription, the EA Play Trial offers 10 hours of FIFA 22 gameplay before the full release of the game.

Tempted? Keep reading for how to make the most of the trial.

Release Date

The EA Play Trial begins on Wednesday, 22 September at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

FIFA 22's full release is not until Friday, 1 October so this is your first opportunity to get your hands on the game.

If you have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 then you will have access to the full game on Monday, 27 September.

Clock is ticking

If you aren't actively playing the game, then make sure to close the application fully to avoid running down the clock!

Leaving the app running in the background will waste your precious 10 hours, so don't miss out.

This means fully closing the apps, so for Xbox users, you need to manually quit the game.

PlayStation users will need to close the application manually too, while for PC users closing the window will be enough to stop the clock.

Game modes

You will be able to play a select few game modes while the download is going on, giving you quick access to the game.

This is great for Career Mode and other offline mode fans, but be careful if you are looking to get cracking on your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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If you are looking to play Ultimate Team, make sure the app hasn't opened while it's downloading!

You don't want that timer running before you can even get into FUT 22 as it will severely cut down your playing time, possibly even taking a couple of hours.

Time is precious


Get as much game time as possible. Whether it is Rivals, Squad Battles, Drafts, or Friendlies, get in the game and work through as many objectives as you can.

Unlock the early levels to bring in coin boosts for your club and really get started in the game.

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IN THE GAME - Don't waste time in other modes

Things you should avoid are SBCs, trading, and opening packs as they can all be done in the FUT Web App!

Make sure not to rage quit too as that will cut down your trial time.

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