FIFA 22 Derby Career Mode Guide: Starting lineup and who to sign

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Derby County is in a mess right now having been deducted 21 points so far this season, leaving them unsurprisingly propping up the Championship table.

A club of Derby’s size harbours ambitions of Premier League football, and that is what you should look to deliver in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Table of Contents

If you want a real challenge, you will take the 21-point deduction into consideration too, so let us help you get started with this Career Mode guide.


Team Rating

Derby has a 3-star rating in FIFA 22.

The breakdown of the ratings is as follows: ATT 67, MID 70, DEF 69.

Starting Lineup and Formation

Derby’s default formation in FIFA 22 is a 4-2-3-1, although a serious lack of pace needs to be addressed to play with wingers.

In goal is Dutch stopper Kelle Roos (OVR 70) who is the top keeper in the squad, although there are two capable back-ups.

Right-back Nathan Byrne (OVR 71) is one of your key men as he provides some pace down the right-hand side.

Veteran centre-back pairing Phil Jagielka (OVR 70) and Curtis Davies (OVR 70) should offer some defensive nous, but they won’t be around for too much of your journey!


20-year-old Lee Buchanan (OVR 68) would be our starting left-back as he is more mobile than his more experienced teammate Craig Forsyth.

Shielding the back four are two CDMs in the form of Graeme Shinnie (OVR 71) and Krystian Bielik (OVR 72), although youngster Max Bird is also in contention.


Maverick midfielder Ravel Morrison (OVR 69) should start in the CAM as he can still produce moments of magic.

Polish speedster Kamil Jozwiak (OVR 69) must play on the right as the only man in the squad with blistering pace, and captain Tom Lawrence (OVR 71) will operate on the left-wing.

34-year-old Colin Kazim-Richards (OVR 68) is the top striker in the squad, but he will need some competition, so you have a big transfer window ahead of you.

Tactics and Instructions

With a lack of pace in the team, Kamil Jozwiak should be told to ‘Get in Behind’ to stretch the opposition and create space for the midfield behind him.


Nathan Byrne also plays on the right so those two will likely be the most dangerous combination in the team, so get Byrne to ‘Join the Attack’.

To balance the team, tell the left-back Lee Buchanan to ‘Stay Back While Attacking’ and ensure there is cover at the back.

You will want Tom Lawrance playing narrow to get on the ball and shoot, so get him to ‘Cut Inside’ and link up with Ravel Morrison and the striker.

Development Plans

With an ageing squad and small transfer budget, you will need to be sensible I how you manage your promising players’ development.

Krystian Bielik (POT 80) has the highest potential of any player in the squad, and we would recommend switching him to centre-back early on.

Midfielders Louie Sibley (POT 79) and Max Bird (POT 78) are also ready for first-team football and can make the grade in the Premier League too.

Jason Knight (POT 78) can complete a promising midfield trio, but his defensive attributes need some work as he will likely play CDM.


Transfer Market

Starting budget: £5 million

Who should go?

Derby’s £5 million budget is considerably more than they have in real-life, but you will still need to spend wisely, possibly looking at loan signings or free agents.

With three GKs in the squad, we would recommend the sale of Ryan Allsop (OVR 68) to help free up some wages.

Teenager Kornell McDonald (OVR 58) doesn’t have a place in your first team, and he can be sold alongside Craig Forsyth (OVR 68) to bring in an extra £1 million.

Young centre-back Eiran Cashin (OVR 56) can also be added to the transfer list as his potential is not high enough to make the grade in the Premier League.


Three young midfielders, Isaac Hutchinson (OVR 62), Jordan Brown (OVR 56), and Osazee Aghatise (OVR 55) can also be made available for sale.

Experienced striker Sam Baldock (OVR 66) can be sold alongside Luke Plange (OVR 58) in an attempt to free up every available penny.

In total, these sales should add at least £3 million to your budget and free up £19k in wages.


With Derby’s squad in the state it is in right now, you won’t be looking to loan out any players as they should either be sold or members of the first-team squad.

There are no players out on loan either, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Who to sign?

We have already mentioned Derby’s need for pace, and reinforcements on the wing should allow for more versatility in your front line.

In our shortlist, we have selected five affordable targets who can feature in the first team and also make the grade in the Premier League… when you get promoted.


Jakub Kaminski (OVR 69) is lightning quick and can reach 83 OVR, making him the most promising player in your squad if you sign him.

Inaki Williams' younger brother Nico Williams (OVR 68) is also a great option and could be signed for slightly less.

Transfer Options (RW/LW)

Player Age Club Cost Wage OVR POT
Jakub Kaminski19Lech Poznan£2.8m£3k6983
Mohamed Daramy19Ajax£2.8m£4k6982
Kevin Schade19Freiburg£2.5m£5k6881
Nico Williams18Athletic Bilbao£2.4m£3k6881
Konan N'Dri20KAS Eupen£2.7m£4k6980

With an ageing striker and young gun not ready for action, a mobile forward capable of playing on their own needs to be signed.


We have pulled together a shortlist of strikers with 80+ Pace and 75+ Strength and the potential to reach 75 OVR or higher.

San Jose Earthquakes teenager Cade Cowell (OVR 66) is one of the most exciting options around and can be signed very cheaply!

Aaron Leya Iseka (OVR 70) is the best candidate to step into the starting XI from the get-go, but the Belgian’s wages could prove a stumbling block.

Transfer Options (ST)

Player Age Club Cost Wage OVR POT
Cade Cowell17San Jose Earthquakes£1.8m£1k6682
David Datro Fofana18Molde£1m£1k6381
Mohamed Toure17Adelaide United£500k£1k5977
Ragnar Ache22Eintracht Frankfurt£2.5m£10k6976
Aaron Leya Iseka23Barnsley£2.1m£19k7075