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FIFA 22 Career Mode: New update will put you off signing Haaland

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Erling Haaland will be at the top of many transfer target wish lists in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Already one of the best strikers around, he has the second-highest potential in the game, reaching a possible 94 OVR.

However, the recent update has brought a new trait to the player which may well deter you from hounding him for his signature.

March, 1 Update

There were quite a few winners in the most recent update, which EA regularly brings in to mirror real-world changes.

Fabinho, Mateo Kovacic, Aaron Ramsdale and Pedri were the big names that saw increases to their overall rating.

However, the update giveth and the update taketh away, as Marcel Sabitzer found out when his overall was downgraded again.

It's not just the ratings that change though, as Erling Haaland found out.

Trait Change

We weren't sure what Cristiano Ronaldo has done recently to gain the Leadership trait, but the reason for Haaland's new trait is abundantly clear.

The Norwegian was given the Injury Prone trait, with the 20-year old missing a few chunks of this season due to reoccurring niggles.

Muscular problems have seen him unavailable for 10 Bundesliga games this season so far, but perhaps more important were the Champions League and then Europa League games he missed for Dortmund.

Transfermarkt Erling Haaland Injury Dates
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BIG LOSSES - This is what happens when your star striker is unavailable

After failing to qualify from their Champions League group, where Haaland was injured for three of the five games, the team dropped down to the Europa League knockout stage, losing to Rangers, with Haaland not present.

It's a shame to see such a young and exciting player hampered by injury so early on in their career, but the update seems justified.

Damaged Goods

The change means that Erling Haaland isn't such a brilliant buy in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Yes, he is still an unreal player, and his potential hasn't been lowered (for now), but if your main striker keeps getting knocks that put them out for a few weeks here and there it will be a drag on your squad.

Not just that, but with less game time, Haaland might not be able to reach his 94 OVR potential.

Much like in real life, where he still has 23 goals and six assists in 20 matches, when he is fit, he will be firing.

But when he isn't it could cost your team dearly, as Dortmund would testify now they don't have European football to look forward to.

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