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FIFA 22 Beta reportedly cancelled after multiple leaks

The FIFA 22 beta was set to be a fantastic way to experience the upcoming changes to the series early, and give some feedback on its progress. That is before many content creators used the beta as an opportunity to leak FIFA 22 details.

EA seems to have now cancelled the FIFA 22 beta as we know it.

Here's what we know so far about the FIFA 22 beta, its cancellation, and what could be next from EA.

FIFA 22 Beta Cancelled

EA seems to have cancelled the FIFA 22 beta, and with no guarantees for a demo, it could be the last chance players have to try the game before EA Play trial and pre order reward Early Access begins.

FIFA 21 next gen bus career mode
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PACK IT UP: EA cancelled the FIFA 22 beta just hours after it began

It's no surprise that EA would pull the plug on the FIFA 22 beta so early, as many content creators took the opportunity immediately to leak details about the upcoming game.


These leaks include details about the game's menus, gameplay, tactical systems, commentators, FUT 22 Icons, and more.

These FIFA 22 leaks are huge, and EA responded quickly in kind. There are now several cats out of the bag, and that will surely change EA's approach to FIFA 22's pre-launch process.

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What's Next for FIFA 22?

With the beta now reportedly cancelled, the next thing players are looking forward to would be the release of a FIFA 22 demo. This certainly isn't a guarantee after EA cancelled the FIFA 21 demo after pushing back its release date. But that doesn't mean there isn't hope.

FIFA 21 Gameplay Borussia Dortmund Erling Haaland
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WHAT'S NEXT?: EA likely still have plenty of surprises in the leadup to FIFA 22

As it stands, if EA does indeed release a FIFA 22 demo, we can expect it to land sometime around September 24.