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FIFA 22 Best Centre Midfielders: These top players can CONTROL the game

With FIFA 22 ratings now all available, and the game able to be accessed via the 10 hour EA Play Trial, we're bringing you all the top talents.

The game can be won or lost depending on who is playing in the middle of the park, with central midfielders expected to create attacks, break up possession, and have legs for days.

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We take you through the top centre midfielders (CDM, CM, CAM) to help you control the game on FIFA 22.


Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91)

The best midfielder in FIFA 22, and joint best player in the Premier League with Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne is a superstar in midfield.

The Manchester City man was hampered with injury last season, but when he was playing showed his true class.

He is also the top-rated passer on FIFA 22, so if you like possession-based football, hitting long balls or whipping in crosses, this is the guy for you.


N'Golo Kante (OVR 90)

Chelsea would not have won the Champions League without N'Golo Kante.


The World Cup winner won the Man of the Match award in both legs of the semi-final and then again in the final - showing he is one of the most destructive midfielders in the world.

His huge stamina lets him go full-out for the whole 90 minutes, where he is most adept at nicking possession from the opposition and starting attacks.

Casemiro (OVR 89)

Still going strong at the base of Real Madrid's midfield, Casemiro lost out on being the best CDM in the game to Kante.

No change in rating for him, with an 89 OVR, but if he manages to get some more goal involvements this season we could see him join the 90s club.

Joshua Kimmich (OVR 89)

Joshua Kimmich has been playing all over the pitch for Bayern Munich and Germany, but his most settled position has to be as a CDM.

It's from there that he can break down the play and dictate possession, but if he does get out wide he can still put in a great cross.


Bruno Fernandes (OVR 88)

When Bruno Fernandes came to Manchester United he turned their quality around.


He was so influential for them last season but has seen a slight decline in form for club and then country during Euro 2020.

Nevertheless, his total stats are still higher than anyone else's in-game, which may surprise people.

Toni Kroos (OVR 88)

Another very experienced player in the centre for Real Madrid, Toni Kroos has all the technical ability you could hope for.

However, he will see very limited play in-game due to his 53 PAC attribute.

Leon Goretzka (OVR 87)

Leon Goretzka is an animal on the field.


He is mobile and powerful, a real box-to-box midfielder than can do anything you throw at him.

He is the first gold card to have all his basic stats over 80, yet comes in behind Fernandes on overall total stats.

Frenkie de Jong (OVR 87)

He would have been expecting a more promising future when moving to Barcelona, but Frenkie de Jong is caught up in a club crisis, with manager and board at each other's throats and a £1 billion debt.

He is very talented and sees a +2 increase to last years overall rating, despite contributing a very average seven goals and eight assists in 51 games.

Paul Pogba (OVR 87)

Paul Pogba is constantly being questioned at Manchester United; on his future, what he brings to the club if he gives enough.


When playing for France he appears to be a different beast and has started showing more of that side of his game when with the Red Devils.

He ended last season in decent form and is off to a flier with seven assists in five games this term.

Marco Verratti (OVR 87)

Euro 2020 winner with Italy, Marco Verratti has seen his rating increase on FIFA 22.

He has always been a very talented player but doesn't always get as many goal involvements as you would want.

Still, he plays an essential part in the centre of the pitch for his country and at PSG, creating the tempo for the rest of the players.