FIFA 22: Beginner's Guide to Ultimate Team - The Challenges Begin

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FIFA 22 may be deep into its season, but that doesn't mean there aren't those that are dipping their toes in for the very first time.

In this series, accumulated over the coming weeks and months, we follow one team, No Clue FC - guided by the RealSport101 team - in their quest to dominate FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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This week, with the FUT cycle coming to an end, it was the starting of a challenging period in No Clue FC's history.


Let the Challenges Commence...

For many weeks, No Clue FC have taken to the pitch with the hope of finishing in high ranks and completing objectives.

Now, with the FUT cycle coming to a close, it was the start of No Clue FC's most challenging period yet... literally.

For the past two streams - and for the weeks that follow - No Clue FC will be taking on a number of different challenges, with varying levels of difficulty.

The first week saw No Clue FC attempt to win games on strange camera angles, with end-to-end and dynamic all used to varying degrees of success.


Thankfully, despite some humbling defeats, the squad soon found their feet and manage to get some wins under their belt.

However, the same can't be said for this week's challenge.

Goalkeeper Calamity

This week's challenge saw No Clue FC field a team full of goalkeepers, which was about as successful as it sounds.

Not only did the side not manage a single win - instead being rolled over multiple times by high-rated sides - in fact, No Clue FC didn't even manage a single goal.

With such poachers as Hugo Lloris and Alan McGregor leading the line, it was no surprise that this week's challenge didn't quite go to plan.

It may be revisited in the future, but for now, the goalkeeper challenge will have to sit in the 'failed' column.


Future Challenges

This week's stream will likely see a side filled with non-rare bronze players take the pitch, in a complete antithesis of what everyone else is currently rocking in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 has certainly reached the point where new innovations are required to make these last few months interesting, so feel free to get in touch if there's any challenges you'd like to see the No Clue FC gaffer undertake.

Be sure to tune into our Twitch channel on Monday to catch the next instalment of No FUTting Clue