7 things to watch out for in FIFA 22 as EA set to make some HUGE changes

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The anticipation for the release of FIFA 22 is building!

Speculation surrounding the new game is rife at the moment, so, we're taking a look at 7 things to watch out for in EA's upcoming release below, with plenty of changes set to take place.

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Hypermotion Technology is coming to FIFA 22.

This is a brand new way of capturing the real-life traits of players to translate them into FIFA 22.

In the FIFA 22 trailer, players like Kylian Mbappé, Trent ALexander-Arnold and Son Heung-Min wearing slick new body capture suits.


They take to the field and we see cuts between in-game and real-life play to see how effective the Hypermotion Technology is. It's clear that Hypermotion Technology in FIFA 22 is going to take the realism of the game to the next level.

The main improvements to FIFA over previous years has been to take the realism to the next level so that players in-game act exactly how they do in real life.

While we're sure not every player will undergo performance capture, the data EA obtain can be used to make improvements to the entire game.

Create a Club in Career Mode

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has revealed that players will now be able to create their own ideal stadium in FIFA 22 Career Mode!

The Twitter account also stated that gamers will be able to design their own unique kit and badge too.


This will be implemented into FIFA 22 Career Mode, alongside an 'overhauled Player Career Mode that immerses you in your pros journey like never before'.

New commentators & pundits on the way

There's plenty of speculation surrounding new commentators and the introduction of pundits in FIFA 22.

First ever female commentator in FIFA?

Current BBC and Sky Sports pundit - and future presenter of Football Focus - Alex Scott is reportedly going to be the first female commentator in a FIFA game.


As you can see from the above, this was reported by FUTZone - and they do not give a source for this leak.

Alex Scot has been a regular on TV screens in recent years, starting with Match of the Day Kickabout, and then becoming the first female pundit at a World Cup for the BBC in 2018.

According to multiple reports, Alex Scot will be commentating on FIFA 22.

Pundits coming to FIFA 22?

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has reported that we could see Pundits added to FIFA 22.


With pundit's opinions so prevalent in today's game, this doesn't seem too far fetched.

FUTZone has suggested that certain pundits could be added to Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

However, we must take this with a pinch of salt, as the new pundit could be arriving as a commentator.

Could we see the popular duo, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher make an appearance?

FUT Heroes

A new type of card will be arriving in FIFA 22, called FUT Heroes.

fifa 22 fut heroes
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HEROIC MOMENTS - FUT Heroes are on the way!

They describe the FUT Heroes as similar to Icons, although slightly inferior, since they would not have a green link with all for greater chemistry.

As such, they would be like minor Icons, with decent stats, but a notch below the best cards in the game - which we can of course expect in FIFA 22.

EA Sports has stated it will "Celebrate some of football’s most memorable players" by featuring "new items that represent the unforgettable moments that turned them into fan favourites."

On top of that, they'll have unique league-specific chemistry tied to their hero moment, which will allow a green Club link to any player within the same league, on top of the usual nation link.

AI Overhaul & new player animations

Due to the new Hypermotion technology, FIFA 22 will be able to come up with brand-new player animations on the fly to create 'organic football realism.'

FIFA 22 cover mbapee
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TWO TIME - Mbappe returns as the cover star for the second year running

On top of that, there’s also a more tactical AI being teased, along with improved controls for ball handling and control, striking, air battles, headers, and even improvements to ambient player behaviour.

The improved AI was mentioned in the same line as next-gen consoles though, so whether or not players still on PS4 and Xbox One will have access remains to be seen.

Player Career Overhaul


The FIFA community on Reddit have been getting excited about the changes coming to Player Career Mode.

fifa 22 player career overhaul
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DRASTIC CHANGES - A Player Career Mode overhaul is in the works

The screenshot above reveals that the Player Career Mode is set for some big changes in FIFA 22.

It is said that the overhauled game mode will give you 'more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro's journey through the game.'

We are yet to have any specific information on what changes will be coming, but we're excited!

Massive changes to FUT Champs

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has revealed that Weekend League will be getting a huge change in FIFA 22!


According to leaks, FUT Champs will be made up of 20 games in FIFA 22, rather than 30.

The information has come from the reliable @denisfut_trade.

This news is hardly surprising, with many avid FIFA players complaining that they were no longer enjoying the 30 game slog in FIFA 21 Weekend League.

In many cases, players would not even complete the 30 games, with some stopping at 17 or 20 wins every weekend.

So, the change to a 20 game Weekend League could see many players return and enjoy the competitive gameplay once more!