FIFA 21: Why Nick Pope is the FIFA 21 GOAT! - Ratings, Links, Price & more

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The streets will never forget FIFA 17's Jack Butland.

The Englishman was like a prime Buffon, Van der Saar and Casillas all rolled into one, there was no beating him!

But has FIFA 21 unearthed Jack Butland's long awaited successor? We think so!

Nick Pope

Nick Pope is the name, frustrating the opposition is the game!

The 82-rated Burnley stopper is one of the most overpowered goalkeepers we've ever seen on FIFA Ultimate Team, and can be found in many a Weekend League team for that exact reason.

But what make's the Englishman so good? Let's take a look.


We'll start with one of the stats that you won't find on his card, Nick Pope's height!

The 28-year-old stands at a monster 6'7", which makes him an intimidating presence from each and every set piece. He is rarely beaten to a corner!

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His in-game stats don't appear to be that great to be honest. 84 reflexes, 83 positioning and 81 handling lead the way in terms of ratings. His 75 kicking is pretty decent for those playing out from the back.

Unfortuantely he's lost those 5* skills that EA handed him on his FUT Birthday card in FIFA 20, but he does still possess a 3* weak foot, which is better than most keepers in FUT.


There's only one name that we need to mention here. Joe Gomez.

The Liverpool centre half joins Nick Pope on the list of the most overpowered players in FIFA 21, and, to make things that little bit more sweaty, they have a strong link!

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If you see a team with Nick Pope in it, expect to see a back four of Kyle Walker, Joe Gomez, Raphael Varane and Ferland Mendy.

It's a painful back four to come up against, but it's one that is oh so effective.



The final thing that makes Pope so good is his price.

Why spend 60k on Alisson or 40k on Ederson when you can pick up Nick Pope for under 4k?

His ratings may not fill you with too much confidence, but trust us when we say that Nick Pope is the GOAT keeper on FIFA 21!

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