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What day does FIFA TOTW come out?

Each week EA release a squad of special in-form cards celebrating individual performances from the past week.

The Team of the Week (TOTW) players receive small upgrades to their basic ratings, rewarding those who play well in the real world.

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What is TOTW?

The Team of the Week is made up from the top performing players from the previous week of football.

These real-life performances are rewarded with new in-form (IF) special cards which have small ratings upgrades.

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For example, Neymar Jr. received his first in-form card in TOTW 18, taking his OVR from 91 to 92.

This is a limited time boost, with his basic card returning to packs after one week.


When is the squad released?

The TOTW squads are released at the same time each week.

Every Wednesday at 6pm GMT, a brand new set of players are released into packs.

These new cards are available in packs for one week, replacing the players' basic cards for that week. These basic cards then return to packs once the week is over.

Up next is TOTW 20, take a look at our predictions here.

What promos are involved?

The IF players also have an impact on two other sets of promo cards which boast dynamic ratings.

The Ones to Watch (OTW) promo includes players who have recently signed for new clubs. If a player is awarded one of these cards, the OVR matches the players best IF card.

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For example, Luis Suarez moved to Atletico Madrid in the summer and has a base rating of 87 OVR. After two IF cards his OTW card is now rated 89.

The same goes for the Headliners cards, although these players receive an extra +1. They also receive a +2 if their side wins four matches in a row!

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