Leaning forward will help you during Weekend League

Weekend League is set to be even more competitive than usual during Team of the Season, so how can you get the edge on FIFA 21?

As FIFA players we all know that leaning forward makes us play better, right? It turns out, this is actually true.

Stakester commissioned Dr. Andrea Utley (Reader in Motor Control and Development at Leeds University)to put the theory to the test and the results could make all the difference.

The 'Lean' behind the meme

Whether you are playing online or just casually against friends, you know things are getting serious when someone gets a 'lean' on.

The first area of research established by Dr. Utley was how widespread 'leaning' is among gamers.

Three out of four gamers (76.9%) said they lean forward while playing. An overwhelming majority.

lean forward meme
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IN THE ACTION - The lean forward meme has produced plenty of laughs

However, is the lean a deliberate tactic or a natural reflex? Less than 10% of players say that 'leaning' while gaming is a solely conscious decision, so most of us are natural 'leaners', apparently.

Interestingly though, just over half of gamers that took part in the survey believed that 'leaning' is beneficial to their gaming performance.

We now know that 'leaning' does indeed improve performance, but it is not quite as simple as you might think.

To lean, or not to lean

You must not lean for the whole duration of the match! Dr. Utley explains;

“Moving your main sensory system closer will help your focus and concentration, but without full postural support, especially from the trunk and neck muscles, you will get fatigued.
“Leaning forward helps us concentrate on the game, but we can only do it for so long before tiredness sets in. Our eye movements are facilitated by tiny Recti muscles and when they are overworked they become less effective – like any other muscle in the body.”

The study showed that gamers who won every game spent considerably less time ‘leaning’ than the players who lost.

stakester goals lean
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LEAN FOR VICTORY - Considerably more goals were scored while leaning (Credit: Stakester)

Winning players leaned forwards for just 4.69 minutes – 35.5% of an average game – while losers spent 7.93 minutes in the leaning position. That’s 52.6% of the average game on FIFA 21.

There you have it, make sure to lean forward in the crucial moments and you will be a FIFA champion, probably.

Trigger movements

Trigger movements are a term widely used in sport, and the term can be applied in this instance too as there are clear times when a 'lean' is triggered.

Each participant in the study leaned forward on several occasions during each game they played.

These ‘leans’ were triggered by a number of events, including scoring or conceding a goal, losing possession of the ball, or missing or conceding a chance.

cristiano ronaldo fifa 21
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DANGER MAN - Ronaldo triggered a clear response from participants

Funnily enough, there was also a trend involving Cristiano Ronaldo. If an opponent’s team featured CR7, a lean was often triggered every time he received the ball.

While it is great to have Ronaldo in your team, you may be inadvertently encouraging your opponent to try harder.

Beat the best

As explained by CEO and Founder of Stakester Tom Fairey, understanding the 'lean' can truly enhance your performance.

"The gamer lean has become a universal meme, but until now, the science behind its benefits were completely unknown.
"FIFA is a game of split-second reactions and quick decision making, so even a small edge can make a big difference – especially if there’s something at stake.
Dr. Utley's research means gamers everywhere can reap the benefits of the lean, and FIFA players who are more mindful of when they implement it should see better results. Use it wisely and I’ll see you on the pitch.”

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