FIFA 21: Is Ultimate Team set to be banned in certain countries?

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The latest update on FIFA 21 looks to be preparing for the worst.

Find out more below.


EA to block Ultimate Team?

A tweet from FutWatch has shown a line of code from EA's latest FIFA 21 update.

It looks as if EA are gearing up to block the game mode entirely in certain countries dependant on their IP address.

The message you see will read "FIFA Ultimate Team is currently not accessible due to a demand from the authorities of your region."


With ongoing legal battles, EA may just be covering their backs.

EA has previously changed certain aspects of the game to comply with local gambling authorities, so we hope this is just precautionary.

With countries tightening their restrictions, we could see some changes implemented sooner rather than later.


Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are the subject of much debate in the gaming world.

Belgium is one country that has already banned them, with EA blocking the use of FIFA points in the country.

GAMBLE? FUT pack ethics have been questioned
GAMBLE? FUT pack ethics have been questioned

Players can only use the in-game coins earned through playing the game.

Could we see more changes like this rolled out across the globe?