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FIFA 21: Title Update #6 - Blocking, Interceptions, Stepovers & more

Another day, another FIFA update!

It's title update six that has dropped tonight, and see's three key changes to the EA title.

Here is what you need to know.

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Update Available Now

Title Update #6 is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of FIFA 21.

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The update will be automatically install the next time you attempt to open the title.

Let's have a look at what the main changes are.


AI Teammate Block Reach

The first change is surrounding blocking from AI teammates in game.

The key change is as follows:

  • Reduced the distance that AI teammates can reach when attempting to block the ball.
    • This change applies only in situations where the ball carrier takes a shot.

The purpose of this change is to reduce AI teammate blocks from influencing matches more often than desired - which should hopefully mean less rebound goals!

It also means that shots from distance should have a far greater effect than before, with defenders on the edge of the box having their reach reduced.

Interception Logic

The second change has been put in place in order to improve the effectiveness of some interceptions.

  • Improved interception logic in situations where the defending player is directly in the ball’s path.
    • This change applies only in situations where the ball carrier is passing the ball.

Whilst the blocking update was put in to stop the AI from being too overpowered with regards to their ability to block shots, this update makes them more effective in intercepting passes when positioned in the line of the ball.

Stepover Transition Speed

The final chance has been put in place in order to improve the authenticity of stopovers.

  • Decreased player transition speed into a stepover after the Skill Move was successfully requested.

This change is specifically focused on the ball carriers movement speed when they transition into a stopover animation.

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This change will ensure that players don't move with the ball using unnecessary and inauthentic speed when performing stepovers.


Other Changes

There are a host of game-mode specific changes that have also been made.

Here is the list in full.

Ultimate Team

  • After claiming a reward from the Community tab in the Objectives screen, the player was taken to the Season Progress tab instead of the Community tab.
  • On the Club tab of the Squad Screen, the Toggle List View action did not function when a Take Me There widget was on screen.
  • The FUT Champions logo displayed during replay transitions would sometimes get smaller with each replay.
  • When equipped, the Iceland Anthem Item did not play during pre-match scenes.
  • The Take Me There widget could persist on screen in a rare instance.
  • After scoring a goal in Single Player Draft, the goalscorer’s Player Item did not display on the pitch during the next kick off.
  • The Action Run Player Celebration Item was incorrectly listed as T Rex.
  • [PC Only] Addressed a potential stability issue when entering the FUT Store.

Career Mode

  • Negotiation scenes were displaying identical and incorrect Managers for both teams.
  • During a match, the Table Analysis scoreboard UI element could display incorrect data.
  • During negotiation scenes, player agents would sometimes wear an incorrect club badge.
  • In Player Career, the Virtual Pro’s Matches Played statistic was not tracking correctly when matches were partially simulated, and the Virtual Pro was substituted out of the match before the simulation took place.

Volta Football

  • In some cases, playing Pro Clubs before attempting to matchmake in VOLTA FOOTBALL would result in an “Unable to Setup Match” error message.
  • Drop In VOLTA SQUADS lobbies were not correctly disbanding after dropping below the minimum number of players.
  • In some instances, the post-match Event Progress screen would incorrectly state that there were two Captains on the same team, instead of one.
  • A rare stability issue could occur when accepting a FIFA Online Friendlies match invitation while in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • A stability issue could occur during VOLTA SQUADS Placement matches.


  • In Online Season and Co-Op Seasons, FIFA Attributes are now using the default setting that was previously only available for Kick Off matches, meaning that in-game Attributes are modified based on each player’s position.
    • Attackers (Forwards and Wingers)
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed +4
      • Positioning +10, Finishing +8, Shot Power +4, Long Shots +6, Volleys +4
      • Agility +4, Balance +2, Reactions +4, Dribbling +4, Composure +4
    • Midfielders (Central, Attacking, Wide)
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed +4, Positioning +8
      • Vision +10, Crossing +2, Short Passing +8, Long Passing +6
      • Agility +4, Reaction +4, Dribbling +4, Composure +4
    • Defenders and Defensive Midfielders
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed +4, Aggression +2
      • Vision +2, Short Passing +4, Long Passing +2, Reactions +4, Composure +4
      • Interceptions +8, Defensive Awareness +10, Stand Tackle +8, Slide Tackle +4
    • Goalkeepers
      • Diving +6, Handling +4, GK Kicking +4, Reflexes +6, GK Positioning +4, Reactions +6
  • In Online Friendlies match lobbies, players can now choose to enable default FIFA Attributes.

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