Timo Werner refuses to pick himself in FIFA 21

It's been a tricky start to life in the Premier League for Chelsea forward Timo Werner, with the German scoring just five goals in 26 appearances fo far this term.

Fortunately, this form does not translate onto his FIFA 21 Ultimate Team card, rated at 85 with scintillating pace.

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That said, Werner doesn't actually like lining up with his own personal 99-rated card on FUT.


"I make dirty wins"

In an interview on the Chelsea YouTube channel, Werner discusses his gaming habits, and in particular, playing FIFA.

He said: "On Ultimate Team I never play with my card, because when I win, and I make dirty wins, I don't like it."

"When people play against a professional footballer, and they lose, I don't want people to get mad at me!"

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OUT OF THIS WORLD - Despite having this card at his disposal, Werner refuses to use it

But when he plays against his friends, they seem to always line up with a Werner card of their own.

"When I play against my friends they want to hurt me... with myself."

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NO HOLDS BARRED - Kai Havertz takes a different route compared to his teammate

Werner's Chelsea and Germany teammate Kai Havertz does things differently, however.

"Kai always plays with himself."


"You know these people who say "Oh, I haven't played FIFA in two years," and makes all these excuses."

"I win the first game 5-0, and then the second game I play with my feet up on the sofa and lose 5-2. He never talks about the first game and just says "I beat Timo"."

Not just FIFA

In the interview, Werner also talks about other games he plays, and how he struggles to balance gaming with spending time with his girlfriend.

"When your girlfriend is at home you can't play too much PlayStation!"

"I also watch Twitch channels or YouTube - I play a lot of Fortnite and FIFA, so I watch the streamers who comment on the Fortnite Cups, I like that a lot."

"We have two or three comedians in Germany like MontanaBlack."

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KEEN INTEREST - Werner enjoys commentary on the various Fortnite Cups

As for Warzone, Timo isn't quite up to speed.

"You know what Kai would say? Don't train with me because I'm so bad!"


Werner's been a big fan of gaming since he was little, playing a range of titles.

"I was always a PlayStation guy."

"When I was a kid I would play car games, shooters weren't my games, I loved to play GTA though because it's a little bit more than a shooter."

Full interview

Check out the full Werner interview on the Chelsea YouTube channel below: