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Season 5 has begun on FIFA Ultimate Team

Season 5 has arrived in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but what can you expect to be released into the game over the coming weeks?

We will no doubt see loads of new objectives and rewards, but we could see some flashy new promo events too.

Find out more below.

Release Date

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 4 ended on Friday, 26 March, with Season 5 taking its place.

This will see a host of new objectives to complete and rewards to earn, including the next set of Icon Swap tokens at some point in the season.

FUT Birthday

FUT Birthday will open up Season 5 on Friday, 26 March.

The first set of players were leaked early, but you can check out FUT birthday Team 1 as it is available in packs now.

fifa 21 ultimate team fut birthday loading screen
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CRYPTIC - EA released this loading screen ahead of FUT Birthday

As ever, there are plenty of promo events expected in Season 5, but what FUT promo is up next after FUT Birthday?

It looks like the ship has sailed for Winter Refresh, and we are unlikely to see Carniball and Shape Shifters as we have in the past.

Icon Swaps

The final nine Icon Swaps 2 tokens will be released in Season 5, so make sure you have plenty of players in your club to cover them.

As we have seen in Icon Swaps so far, you will need a number of ‘first owned’ players to complete certain objectives.

fifa 21 ultiamte team icon swaps 2
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CHOICE IS YOURS - Which Icon will you pick

This is likely to come in the form of leagues or nations and we have seen Spanish, Italian, English and Brazilian objectives already in ‘One Nation’, as well as a French team in squad battles.

We have a suspicion that Germany and Netherlands could be two of the countries involved in the next set of objectives.


Every new season brings with it new objectives to work towards, and in turn new rewards.

We expect this to be the case in Season 5 too, with 30 levels to complete in ‘Season Progress’.

hector bellerin fifa 21 ultimate team
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BRILLIANT BELLERIN - The Arsenal star was free in Season 3

The first few levels are quick to complete. Each objective earns XP to add to your total and there is plenty to earn.

There will also be high-rated league objectives players released too like the Hector Bellerin we have seen already on FUT 21.

Storyline Players

As you probably know by now, there are two opportunities for Storyline player picks throughout each season.

The first set of players is unlocked at LVL 15, with the second coming at LVL 30.

fifa 21 storyline player lamela
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STAR BOY - Lamela is our choice for LVL 30 storyline pick

Erik Lamela is one of the LVL 30 players. and he is joined by 88-rated players Jimmy Briand and Antonio Candreva.

There are three 86 OVR’s for the LVL 15 players, with Obafemi Martins, Angel Gomes and Tariqe Fosu your choices.

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