FIFA 21: PS5 COUNTDOWN - Release Date, Upgrade Details, Price, Next-Gen Features, Latest News & more

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The PS5 may have been out for a few weeks now, but the next-gen edition is yet to arrive to Sony's new console.

However, the wait is almost over and we've covered everything you need to know about the new game!

Release Date

The next-gen edition of FIFA 21 will release on the PS5 on Friday, 4 December 2020.

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NEXT LEVEL: The PS5 will take FIFA 21 to a whole new level

The new game will include a ton of enhancements compared to the PS4 version, which we've detailed below.

FIFA 21 PS5 Trailer

FIFA 21 PS5 Price

So here's the good news - if you've already purchased the current-gen version of FIFA 21, then you will get the PS5 version free thanks to Dual Entitlement.

FIFA 21 Cover Photo
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DUAL ENTITLEMENT: Get the PS4 edition of FIFA 21 and you'll get the PS5 upgrade for free

If you're yet to purchase the game, you can grab it from Amazon here, who at the time of writing has a limited-time deal on, discounting the game to £32.99!

If you're outside of the UK, you may have to pay the full price, but hey, you're still getting both the current and next-gen versions of the game rolled into one.

FIFA 21 PS5 Upgrades

As you'd imagine there's a number of upgrades across the board when it comes to the PS5 version of FIFA 21 - check them out below.


First up, there are several visual enhancements on the way.

Next Level Realism means there will be greater definition of player physiques - from muscles flexing after striking a ball, to strand-based hair which responds to player movement, the realism of your players is about to hit another level.

Alexander-Arnold Next-Gen FIFA 21
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CLOSE & PERSONAL: Alexander-Arnold looks amazing after his next-gen makeover

The GameCam been improved to give a fresh perspective of the match. Based on top-level football broadcasts, you'll be able to see more of the pitch and watch home and away fans react in real-time.

New LiveLight Rendering creates an ultra-realistic football experience, including acutely detailed pitch surfaces and stadium materials. In addition, there will be all-new atmospheric effects from sideline characters like subs, stewards and crowds.

FIFA 21 PS5 Stadium
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FEEL THE ENERGY: Stadiums have been brought to life on next-gen

Engine Enhancements

There will also be a number of engine enhancements to increase the realism of the game.

Push-pull physics will be implemented, bringing Real Player Motion Technology (RPMT) into the fight for the ball. so you can expect your players jostle, push, and pull with more responsiveness than ever before.

Multi-touch animations enhance the visual quality and responsiveness of linked animations on the ball, enabling you to experience fluid and realistic player movement.

FIFA 21 PS5 Haaland
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REAL DEAL: Players on-ball animations will be more fluid than ever

Off-ball humanisation will include everything from tiredly adjusting shin pads in the 89th minute to screaming for a through ball from a teammate, creating visual animation texture and authentic character behaviours.

New pre-game cinematics deliver an unprecedented matchday experience, including team buses arriving at the ground and the buzz of the fans entering through the turnstiles (check it out in the trailer below).

Big goal moments include new contextual player, bench, and fan reactions to let you feel the explosive emotion and drama of a last-minute UEFA Champions League winner or a relegation-saving equaliser.

Superfast loading times means you'll go from the menu to kick-off in under two seconds!

PlayStation Exclusives

All you PS5 owners will also be happy to hear that there are a few exclusives that feature on PlayStation and not Xbox Series X.

PS5 Dualsense haptics means you'll sense the impact of shots, passes, and tackles like never before, with controller haptics that respond to what happens on the pitch.

FIFA 21 PS5 Exclusives
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PS EXCLUSIVES: Xbox players look away now!

PlayStation Activities will let players jump straight from the PlayStation home screen into your favourite game mode to get you into the action quicker.

You can head here for a more detailed look at each of the next-gen changes coming to FIFA 21 on PS5.

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