20 Mar 2021 8:23 PM +00:00

Paul Pogba's new card could be FUT masterstroke

Many players in FIFA Ultimate Team change their formation in-game, so they can play with the way they want, with the correct players and with maximum chemistry.

At first glance, having Paul Pogba play as a left midfielder may do you no good - but this creates plenty of opportunities after swapping into central midfield once the game has kicked off.

We take a closer look at, and the possibilities of, Pogba's new Europa League item as part of the latest MOTM cards.

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Pogba UEL Motm item

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VERSATILITY - Pogba showed he can do the business out wide

Looking at Pogba's stats - nothing is groundbreaking.

89 dribbling, 89 passing, 88 physicality and 87 shooting are still useful stats - and if there is something to persuade you to bring him in - it's the Frenchman's all roundedness.


With every stat above 70, and his next lowest being his pace at 78 - you can't really go wrong by bringing him in.

Especially when you take into account that you can move his position to central midfield in-game.


Straight off the bat, this new Pogba item is costing around 700,000 coins on PS4, close to 800,000 on Xbox One.

This is perhaps a little bit too steep to make the move, but expect this to drop to below 500,000 coins once the market stabilises next week.

Potential links

It's unlikely that once the game kicks off, you'll keep Pogba on the left hand side due to his lack of pace.

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UNIVERSAL - Pogba's left-mid card leaves us with plenty of options

In the example above, you are utilising the left-hand side of the team as "French", allowing Pogba to link to both Kylian Mbappe and Ferland Mendy.

Once the game kicks of you could do a straight swap with Sadio Mane, or move into a more midfield focused 4-1-2-1-2.

Possible alternatives

The only real like-for-like alternative for the LM Pogba is Bastian Schweinsteiger's base Icon card

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BACK IN THE DAY - Schweinsteiger's base card could be a cheaper yet superior alternative

Firstly, the German offers Icon links, meaning he will get at least an amber link to any player.

His shooting, passing, dribbling and physicality may not be as high as Pogba's, but for a cheaper price (around 200,000 coins on both consoles) - bringing in Schewingsteiger could be a shrewd move - especially if trying out new players in your side.



Should you make a move for Pogba? Not yet.

The Frenchman's stats are good, but not exceptional.

We suggest waiting got his price to come down in a few weeks, or even moving for Schweinsteiger who offers more flexibility in your line-up.