FIFA 21 Cover Star & Trailer Reveal: DATE CONFIRMED! News, Rumours & more

It looks as if we will get a closer look at the Next Gen title this week, with multiple sources pointing to a reveal.

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It’s all gone quiet on the FIFA front since EA Play, where pre-orders became openm but that looks set to change.

Data miners have gone digging and found some code that could link to some substantial FIFA 21 news arriving this week.


UPDATE – FIFA 21 Trailer reveal date CONFIRMED

The FIFA 21 trailer will be going ahead on 23 July. Head over here for all the details.

FIFA 21 trailer
IT’S OFFICIAL: The trailer is coming!

You can watch the trailer at 4PM BST, (8AM PT), by clicking the link in the post.

Cover Star Leak?

This is by no means concrete, but data miners believed that some potential cover stars have been leaked.

ChrissyG_x on Reddit has claimed this is the source code of a trailer page on YouTube.

fifa 21 cover stars leak min
BREAK THE CODE – Is FIFA 21 news on the way?

You can see the names of Kylian Mbappe, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Erling Haaland and Joao Felix in the code – suggesting they will be the key players in the promo for FIFA 21.

Mbappe has been tipped as the early favourite, but with three covers on offer, it remains to be seen who EA will go with.

fifa 21 reveal trailer date
COUNTDOWN – The trailer is on the way

We also have a potential date, with the FIFA 21 Official Reveal Trailer set to take place on Thursday, 23 June.

With this coming on the same date as July’s Xbox 20/20 we wonder if the reveal will be part of the event.

FIFA 21 Emojis

Trending events on Twitter tend to come with exclusive emojis and 21 ones have now features on a range of hashtags.

futwiz fifa 21 emojis
TRENDING – Looks as if FIFA 21 news is on the way

Couple with the trailer leak, get a red ring round 23 July as FIFA 21 news goes into overdrive.

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